Okay, so the big shocking revelation at the end of the last issue was that the armored terrorist is actually the newly introduced character Aphrodite. But this Aphrodite claims to be from the future, where she says that technology has turned against humankind and brought it to near extinction, and now she’s traveled to her past, our present, to stop that from ever happening.

Yes, that’s right, it’s a plot ripped off from the Terminator film franchise.

Along with Killjoy, who just wants revenge on those who turned her into a cyborg, she leads a new attack on the Cyber-Data headquarters, right while Stryker, Carin (who has taken on the code-name “Velocity”), and present-day Aphrodite were in the middle of planning their strategy to hunt down the armored terrorist, unaware of her true identity. A battle ensue, in which Killjoy is eventually subdued, but future Aphrodite gets away, after revealing her face to Stryker causing an event which she believes should prevent her apocalyptic future, but will have drastic effects on our modern world.

Well, despite not exactly being an original plot, writers Matt Hawkins and Bryan Edward Hill, manage to give us an adrenaline-fueled action-packed story, all beautifully drawn by Atilio Rojo, which left me wanting to see more. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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