This 2005 Women In Prison film was written and directed by Fred Olen Ray (as Nicholas Medina), and it wastes no time in getting to exactly what you want to see when you watch a Women in Prison film: Lesbian sex. It opens with prisoners Marcie (Brooke Banner, as Brooke Taylor) and Chilly (Jassie) having sex on a bench in a prison locker room, until they are interrupted by prison guard Matron Togar (Nicole Sheridan) who kicks out Chilly, and the forces Marcie to go down on her. Next we got to a bar, where Jessie (Beverly Lynne) is working as a waitress. She’s sexually harassed by her boss Mr. Arst (Don Donason), whose advances she rebuffs. When he follows her into the ladies room and tries to force himself on her, she kicks him in the balls and tries to leave. But when she leaves the restroom, a masked man is trying to rob the bar at gunpoint, The bandit grabs her and tries to take her as a hostage, but a cop (Peter Spellos as G. Gordon Baer) busts in. The bandit manages to get away, but Mr. Arst accuses Jessie of being the bandit’s accomplice, and so she gets arrested and sent to jail.

At the jail, Jessie meets Warden Kendrick, who laughs at her claims of innocence, as does his guard Leo (Alexandre Boisvert). They bring in her boyfriend Tommy (Evan Stone). who promises to fight to clear her name and get her a new trial, and the Warden decides to let them have one last fling before she’s taken to her cell, so they leave them alone and so Jessie and Tommy have sex on the warden’s desk (while Jessie remains handcuffed). Then Matron Togar takes Jessie to her cell, where she meets her cellmate Taffy (Belinda Gavin), who is in jail for killing her boyfriend with a sledgehammer. Later that night, while they sleep, another male guard (played Frankie Cullen who, for some reason, is uncredited) sneaks into their cell and wakes up Taffy and then takes her and Jassie into the lockerroom for a threesome. Then we see the masked bandit show up in the jail and meet with Matron Togar, and hands her an envelope full of cash in exchange for promising to kill Jessie before she can get another trial.

The next day, Matron Togar and Leo take Jessie, Taffy, Chilli, and Marcie by van out to the woods, we’re they’re forced to put on bikinis and then break rocks with picks all day long. While the women start working, Togar takes Leo into the back of the fan, and has sex with him. While they do that, the four prisons decide to make a run for it. When Togar and Leo finish and see that the women have escaped, they get ready to track them, when Togar gets a call from the warden that the governor has agreed to give Jessie a new trial. Then the warden calls Tommy to let him know.

The women run to a farm, where they see a guy (Trevor Zen) working on a broken down SUV. the girls convince him to let Taffy work on to get it running again, while Brooke and Chilly take him to the back of the SUV for a threesome. Taffy finally gets the SUV fixed, but when they try to start it, they find out that it’s out of gas. So they tie up the driver and then the 4 ladies split up, Brooke and Chilly go one way, Taffy and Jessie going another. Togar and Leo show up and they split up to go after the women, with Togar telling Leo that if he finds them to just shoot them. The warden and Tommy also show up and start looking for the women. Jessie and Taffy hide out in an old barn, where Taffy uses some rocks to break the chains that were around their ankles. Then Leo finds them and points his gun at them. But Taffy knocks him out and still his cellphone, and goes outside to make a call to come pick them up, while Jessie keeps the gun on Leo. But when Leo wakes up, Jessie feels sorry for them, and so they have sex in the barn.

Then Tommy show up and finds Taffy and asks her to take him to Jessie. They go into the barn, and Tommy reveals that HE is the bandit, and gets ready to shoot all three of them, frame Jessie for being the bandit and be a hero. But Togar shows up and she gets ready to shoot everyone, until the warden shows up, and arrests the bandit and Togar, which clears Jessie’s name. Meanwhile, Marcie and Chilly have managed to escape, and we last see them back at the bar, where they’re dressed in dominatrix costumes and are whipping Mr. Arst while he is in handcuffs.


A decent but not spectacular film. The highlights are the opening lesbian scene and the two threesomes. Both of Beverly Lynne’s scenes are great, as usual, but it seems a waste that she’s not in a lesbian or threesome scene in this film. Again, that is what Women In Prison films are best known for, and she is the star of this. I would have added a scene between her and Sheridan to make this film a litter better. As it stands, I’ll give it THREE AND A HALF STARS.

Bikini Chain Gang dvd

NOTE: This DVD comes with an extra film on the B-side, called BIKINI AIRWAYS, which I will review tomorrow.

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