sex monster

This is a comedy film from 1999. It was written and directed by Mike Binder, who plays Marty Barnes. As the film opens, he is happily married to his wife, Laura (Mariel Hemingway). They enjoy a healthy sex life, nevertheless, Marty has a strong fantasy of having a threesome with another woman. This thought preoccupies him, and even when he sees Laura just talking to a female friend he finds himself fantasizing about them having sex. He continually tries to convince Laura to go along with it, and she is reluctant at first, but then finally agrees to go along with it, if they find the right woman. They find out that one of Laura’s co-workers, Didi, is bisexual, so they invite her over for dinner and afterwards have a dip in the pool which leads to a threesome, and it’s everything Marty could have dreamed of.

A couple of nights later, Laura surprises Marty by inviting Didi back over for another threesome. Again, Marty thinks he’s hit the jackpot. But things slowly start to get out of hand, as it turns out that Laura REALLY enjoys having sex with other women, and starts trying to find other women for more threesomes, no matter how inappropriate it may be. During an important dinner with some coworkers at their house, Laura begins hitting on Marty’s secretary, eventually seducing her to join them in a threesome too. But it doesn’t stop there. The title of the movie comes from the old phrase “I’ve created a monster”, as it seems that’s what Marty’s done, now that he’s gotten Laura into having sex with women, soon that’s what she wants to do all the time. He’s created a monster, a sex monster (get it?).

So Marty starts getting paranoid regarding Laura with other women, thinking she might be cheating on him with every other women she hangs out with, including that close friend, and other women she works with, and even his own little sister. Then things get risky for him when Laura starts pursuing the wife of an old friend of his that he’s hoping to convince to invest in a major business deal. Then things take a more somber turn when a check up reveals that Marty might be at risk for colon cancer.

Despite the subject matter, it’s not really dirty. Renee Humphry, who plays Didi, shows her bare breasts briefly while in a swimming pool during that first threesome scene. But, other that, the film is rather PG. And it’s very funny in a way that invokes classic Woody Allen films, with Binder playing Marty as the same type of nebbishy characters that Allen played in all of his old best films. And Hemingway is fantastic, as it’s her character that goes through the most changes during this film, and she really sells it and makes it look natural. She seems to have a knack for comedy as well.

I rate this film with 5 STARS.

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