The Exotic Time Machine II: Forbidden Encounters

This film from the year 2000 is billed as a sequel to 1998’s The Exotic Time Machine, but other than the fact that it deals with time travel it’s not actually connected. The only cast member returning is Gabriella Hall, yet she plays an entirely different character (which is kind of strange, as they could’ve given her the same name to at least tangentially tie the two films together), and no references are made to any of the events of the first film, so you could watch this one without having watched the original film first, you won’t have missed anything. It’s a new creative team too. Writer Louise Monclair and director Cybil Richards.

The premise is basically a man and woman traveling through time and having sex with historical figures. This film tries to add a bit more weight to the plot, by adding some evil government agency that wants to take control of the time machine for…something. Bad things, presumably. Also, just based on the outside world that we briefly see, this film clearly begins in the future.

Holly Sampson and Jason Schnuit star as Darlene and Chuck. They’re students at some kind of private university where their professor, Rachel Conrad (Gabriella Hall) has invented a time machine. Also starring is Shyra Deland as Melissa, another student. One day while arriving at school, the three students receive a holographic message from Professor Conrad that “M6” the new government agency is trying to steal their time machine. And so the professor charges the students with a mission of going back to specific times in the past to plant some devices which are supposed to guard against others messing with the time-stream. Or something. Truthfully, the plot is a bit convoluted in that regard. Brad Bartram plays one of the evil agents who tries to take control of the time machine, and there’s an attempt at a plot twist when Melissa is revealed to be secretly working with him, but that doesn’t really go anywhere, so it’s pointless. The only point of the plot is an excuse to have our leads travel through time and have sex.

Chuck ends up back in Berkely in the 1960’s, where he meets a couple of stoner hippie chicks, “Star” and “Moonbeam” (Carole Ann Burke and Leah York), who get him high on some brownies and then try to take him with them to some anti-Vietnam War protest, but they all get arrested and thrown in jail. He hooks up with Moonbeam and then discovers that he’s gotten her pregnant (yes, it’s explained how she knows that quickly. Sort of.), which means he has to take her back to his time, for fear of screwing up history if he leaves her in the past now. This little paradox is resolved in a humorous way.

Darlene ends up back in medieval England, where she sleeps with King Arthur (Jarod Carey), who ends up falling for her and wants to marry her instead of his planned marriage to Guinevere. And then Melissa travels back in time and meets Leonardo Da Vinci where she ends up hooking up with his assistant Guiseppe (David Usher) and then poses for the picture that becomes the Mona Lisa.

The three students end up back in their own time with the Professor, having stopped the bad guys. Alls well that ends well. Storywise, I must say that I admire the attempt at a more complex story and raising the stakes when the time travelers get involved in the past, but ultimately it’s just a silly film that’s only notable for…you guessed it, THE SEX SCENES!

There are seven full sex scenes. Holly Sampson is in three, one with Jason Schnuit and two with Jarod Carey. Shyra Deland is in two, one with Brad Bartram and one with David Usher. And then Leah York and Jason Schnuit are in two scenes together, including one kinda weird one where they’re having sex in jail, standing while separate by cell bars. All of the scenes are pretty hot.

There are two more scenes with Leah York and Carole Ann Burke, one where they get naked and masturbate next to each other (notable because they use mini-vibrators pretty explicitly – although no actual penetration is shown) and one where they take a shower together. They’re not as hot as if they were lesbian sex scenes, but they’re worth watching.

The big regret of the film is that Gabriella Hall doesn’t have a sex scene, or even get naked in this. Talk about a waste!

So it’s not quite as good as the first one, but with the hot sex scenes, it’s worth watching. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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