This 2009 film was directed by Issac Dovidad (strangely, no writer is credited). It stars Beverly Lynne Meadows as Emma, a woman who runs a Bed & Breakfast Inn that she inherited from her grandmother who died six months prior. She’s been renovating ever since and is getting ready to open it herself for the first time when this film begins. The film wastes no time in showing off it’s star, as it opens with Beverly Lynne stripping and getting into a bathtub. After a brief phone call to her mother, where they talk about their fact that her grandmother claimed that a “sexual spirit” was haunting the place, Emma gets of the phone and this feels a strange presence around her (we see it in the form of a blue cloud of light that), and masturbates in the bathtub.

The next morning, the first guests arrive, Michael & Kayla (Jarod Diamond & Jennifer C. Sparks). Emma checks them in and shows them to their room. After being left in the room the blue cloud envelopes them and they have sex.

Later, Michael & Kayla go downstairs where Emma is having drinks with another couple who have arrived as guests at the Inn, Luke (Brandon Ruckdashel – who recommended this film to me on Twitter after he read my review of Sexy Warriors) & Nicole (Ann Marie Rios). As they drink, Emma tells them all the story of the “sex spirit,” supposedly the ghost of the first lady who owned the Inn, who had a lot of lovers. Now all couples that stay there fall in more in love. The couples are skeptical. But Luke & Nicole go up to their room to have sex, and we see the blue cloud follow them and envelope them, making them even more passionate.

Late at night Michael goes to the kitchen for some water, and sees Luke there having a snack. Luke tells Michael that he believes that the sex spirit is real, and then offers Luke the possibility of the two couples swapping, but Michael declines. Michael goes back to bed and tells Kayla about the offer, and she seems somewhat intrigued. Then later Nicole wakes up and slips out of bed while Luke is still sleeping. She puts on a skimpy nightgown and finds Emma in the sitting on the coach in the living room working on her laptop. They two women sit and talk and then the blue cloud envelopes them and they have sex.

The next morning Michael and Kayla sit outside drinking coffee, and Kayla tells him about a weird dream she had. They start making out, but then Nicole comes and sits next to them, and tells them about having sex with Emma. She says she then told Luke and suggested a threesome, but he freaked out and left. And she hasn’t seen him since. Meanwhile, Emma is on the phone to her mother talking about how she feels the sex spirit. Luke comes in an argues with her about having sex with Nicole behind his back. Emma offers to make it up to him and they start having sex, as the blue cloud surrounds them.

Later Kayla and Nicole are in the bathroom, and Nicole is topless as Nicole rubs lotion on her back. The blue cloud float into the room, and then women begin kissing and have sex. Afterward, Kayla goes to Michael and confesses to him about it. Michael gets mad and goes off to another room to drink by himself. Emma comes in to comfort him and they have sex. Afterward Michael goes to Luke and says the believes there really is a sex spirit in the Inn, and that it’s possessed all the ladies.

So all five people meet in the living room, the blue ghost envelopes them all, and the two couple pair off and have sex. The camera cuts back and forth between Michael & Kayla and Luke & Nicole. It ends with a close up on Emma as she smiles seductively. THE END

Great film. All of the sex scenes were well-performed. I was disappointed that we never got the threesome that was hinted at. It seems like we were about to in the end scene when the whole cast was together. Emma kisses Nicole with Luke sitting right next to them, but when we next see them it’s just Nicole and Luke having sex. I also expected the two couples to swap at some point, so we’d see Michael with Nicole and Kayla with Luke, since it was brought up at one point. But that didn’t happen. Nevertheless, the scenes we did get, especially the two lesbian scenes and all the scenes with Beverly Lynne in them, were excellent.

This film gets a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS


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