Written by Dean McKendrick and directed by Fred Olen Ray (as Nicholas Medina), this film stars Jazy Berlin as naive police officer Sissy Dunlap. Police inspector Hartford (Michael Gaglio) gives her a secret assignment. She’s going to go undercover as a prisoner, to get close to famous jewel thief Maggie Gray (Erika Jordan), who’s been in prison for a year. But Hartford suspects that somehow Maggie has still been arranging for various jewels to be stolen, while in prison, and wants Sissy to find out how Maggie’s doing it. The only people who will be aware that Sissy is really a cop are Hartford and the Judge, Judge Bean (Dale DaBone, credited as Dale Rutter), who will sentence Sissy to prison. Alexander Boisvert (also known as “Voodoo”) plays Jack Randolph, Sissy’s Public Defender, who is convinced of Sissy’s innocence and keeps trying to get her conviction overturned, despite Sissy’s objections (but she can’t tell him the truth of why she wants to be in jail). Christine Nguyen plays Matron Grell, who runs the prison and appears to be corrupt. Just when Sissy thinks she’s figured out how Maggie arranges the jewel thefts from behind bars, she discovers that she’s part of a bigger conspiracy than she thought. I won’t spoil the plot (not that anyone would watch this film for the plot), but now let’s talk about the sex scenes.

The theme of this film, like all good Women In Prison films, is lesbian sex. There are three male/female sex scenes in it, Jack has a scene with Sissy in her jail cell, and one with Matron Grell in her office, and Judge Beam has sex with his court stenographer, played by Jenna Presley, in his chambers. The rest are all lesbian scenes. It opens with Maggie breaking into a museum to steal a statue, only to get caught by the museum guard, played by Jade Starr, and Maggie tries to seduce her, in exchange for letting her go. So the two women have sex, but then the guard arrests Maggie anyway. Later, when Sissy is first taken to the prison, she’s forced to join Maggie in the shower, and then Matron Grell joins them and the three women have sex. Then later Maggie and Sissy have sex alone, and then Maggie and Matron Grell have sex alone. All the scenes are hot, the women make it look VERY realistic, and make this film worth the price of admission

So for this specific niche, if you’re a fan of Girl on Girl action, then this is the film for you. I give it 4 STARS.

Note: The DVD comes with two free pairs of 3D glasses, and the disc features two versions of the film: 3D and regular. I just watched the regular version. And I don’t know if this DVD has gone out of print, or will be re-issued. I seem to have got the last copy that Amazon had directly available from them. As of today, there are only two copies available on Amazon from 3rd party sellers. But it’s currently showing semi-regularly on Cinemax (it airs tonight at 10pm pacific time, so check your listing and set your DVR, while you can.

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