We often wonder what the future holds for us. Is it hope? Change? Or ever impending doom?! Which is exactly what our lighthearted duo will find out when they are taken into the future to serve trial for their crimes against humanity. Crimes against humanity? Really? These guys? How far has the future actually fallen when Mass and Effect are on trial? Find out all this and more and a secret so amazing it will blow your mind! Literally your skullcap will fall off. Money back guaranteed!

The thing I like most about this series is that there’s never a dull moment. I’ve you’re sick of the “decompression” style of comic-book writing that’s prevalent in far too many corporate comics, then Massively Effective is the antidote. The high concepts come flying at you with breakneck speed. In this book we see the supervillains Snake and PHD (who were first introduced in issue #1) turn on each other, as Snake objects to PHD’s plan to kill Mass & Effect (utilizing time travel and temporal DNA). Meanwhile our heroes, Bryan Mario are just trying to enjoy a lazy afternoon at the movies, when a time travelling agent appears to arrest them. After a pitched battle that sees them dragged in chains across the city, while Snake and PHD beat the crap out of each other in the local park, Mass & Effect find themselves in the far future, being accused of crimes against humanity (as mentioned last issue) that they may or may not commit, while the supervillain battle doesn’t end well for one of them. That’s the bare bones of the plot, but the key is in the dialog and pacing of the issue. The action is literally non-stop from first page to last. One read through isn’t enough, I had to keep turning back pages to make sure I didn’t miss something. It’s such a great read, and well worth your money. Chacebook gives it 5 STARS, so cop this now!

Available digitally from DRIVETHRUCOMICS.COM and AMAZON.COM

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