As the war wages, Mose B finds himself presented with an important mission, which could possibly turn the tide for the embattled American forces. Will he and his team accept the call to arms? Can they be the change needed in an ever-grinding war?

Well I was extremely impressed with the first issue, so of course I had to get this issue. And it’s just as good! The creative team of B. Robert Bell (co-creator/artist/writer) and Robert Jeffrey (co-writer) return to continue the story of America’s resistance to Russian/Chinese Occupation. Beginning in Philadelphia, some officials from the Russian army are cracking down on the Resistance, using torture and intimidation tactics, and just when the Russians think they have the upper hand, things get explosive. Then cut back to the American Refugee Camp in Canada, where our hero, DJ Mose B, is broadcasting his hip-hop propaganda to the masses, then joins with some American military forces to plot their next move, which involves a covert mission back into the heart of America. This plan doesn’t sound to good to Mose B, for several reasons, not the least of which that it’s partially planned by a Russian socialite who may or may not a traitor. Thanks to some encouragement from his friends, who try to convince him that with great power comes great responsibility, so to speak, as well as some crucial info from the military about his surviving relatives back home, Mose B agrees and he’s in a van, headed back to Philly.

Again, Bell and Jeffrey keep the dialog suspenseful while moving the plot forward. And the artwork fits the tone of the story, drawing you in to this intense political action thriller.
Once again, this is Chacebook-recommended with a full FIVE STAR rating.

Available digitally on Comicsplus.

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