THE STALKER 2 (aka “Desire And Deception”)


Okay, first of all, don’t worry if you haven’t seen THE STALKER before watching THE STALKER 2. The two films don’t have any direct, or indirect, connection. In fact, this film (written by David Ciesielsky & directed by William Mays) only barely has “stalking” as a plot device. It was originally called Desire And Deception when it was released in 2001, and I taped it off Cinemax or Showtime, but now it’s been renamed The Stalker 2 for DVD.

I’m going to go ahead and spoil some of the twists in this film because, as I always say, no one watches these movies for the plot. And it’s necessary to document the sex scenes. Richard Neil (under the name Scott Bomson) stars as Eric Roarke, a struggling screenwriter. Former Miss USA Kelli McCarty plays his wife, Bridget, who is some kind of businesswoman and is upset at Eric’s lack of success as a writer. As the film opens, Eric is having an affair with Kate Collins, who is played by Holly Sampson (yes, THAT Holly Sampson), and who is unhappily married to rich businessman Oz Collins (played by David Christensen, under the name Charles Gleason III). When Oz gets to his office, we see that he is having an affair with his secretary (played by a woman named “Felony”), but tells her he can’t leave Kate, because she would get half of everything he owns in a divorce. Meanwhile, Bridget has hired private investigator Melissa (Gina Ryder) to get photographic proof of Eric’s affair with Kate, which she does. Kate then demands that Eric leave his wife for her, telling him she’s in love with him, but he refuses, claiming that he loves his wife and doesn’t want to see Kate again. So Kate begins sending him love letters and calling him, which he ignores (I guess that’s the “stalking,” but it doesn’t last long). Then one day Kate turns up dead in Eric and Bridget’s house, shot with Eric’s handgun, and he is arrested. The arresting officer, Detective Ray Barnes (played by Rich Lounello, under the name Erik Carrington) happens to have had a previous relationship with Melissa, whom he meets with and gets the proof of Eric and Kate’s affair from, which makes Eric look even more guilty. Then we find out that Bridget and Oz have also been having an affair, and they set Eric up to get him and Kate out of the way. But will they get away with their deceptive plan? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

Storywise this film is rather good, and the cast all do good jobs as actors. They’re also especially good in the sex scenes. As I’ve said before, adult film stars are often the best in softcore films, because they know how to make the sex look as real as possible. And in this film, McCarty, Sampson, Ryder, and Felony are all adult film actresses, so that works perfectly. Felony only gets one sex scene, that’s with Christensen, on the desk in his office. Ryder and Lounello have two sex scenes together. Sampson has one sex scene with Neil (parts of which are repeated later in flashback) and then has a threesome with McCarty and an unnamed man (played by Chris Handsome, credited as Rich Handsome here), in a dream sequence that Neil has. And then McCarty has three more sex scenes, one with Neil, & two with Christensen, plus a solo scene where she masturbates naked in a pool. She’s the real star of this film and is smokin’ hot in every scene. All in all, a satisfying softcore feature, which I give a rating of 5 STARS.

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