THE STALKER (aka “The Seduction of Maxine”)


I originally saw this film on TV (Cinemax or Showtime) as The Seduction of Maxine, and I still have it recorded on tape. I think it is one of the best softcore films I’ve ever seen, in terms of production values, direction and, yes, ACTING.

Written by Montana Muirfield and directed by Madison Monroe, this 2000 film stars Tracy Ryan (using the name Stacy Noel) as Maxine Strickland, a successful model/actress. Kyle Kleefield plays her manager/boyfriend Riley, who is secretly having an affair with Maxine’s personal assistant Naomi, whom is played by adult film actress Tera Patrick, who wants to become a star herself. Also living with Maxine are her butler/chauffeur Armando (Robert Nassry) and her maid Tina (Jenna West), who are secretly sleeping together, because Maxine doesn’t allow her employees to date. When Maxine begins receiving anonymous threatening letters in the mail, and her studio dressing room and home are vandalized, Riley hires Jack (Paul Logan), an ex-Secret Service agent, who was once shot on the job, to be her bodyguard. Maxine doesn’t make Jack’s job easy because, despite her fears, she doesn’t like the inconvenience of having Jack following her around everywhere.

So the rest of the film follows Jack’s efforts to protect Maxine, as she continues to receive threats, while Naomi schemes with Riley to have her replace Maxine in an upcoming film. While this goes on there’s lots of sex to be had. First, there’s an opening scene, which really doesn’t have anything to do with the story, where Tom (Scott A. Gould), who is Maxine’s co-star in a film, holds up production by having sex with Bridgette (Darby Daniels, using the name Susan Hale), the make-up artist, in his dressing room. Then we later see Armando and Tina having sex in her bedroom. Then Riley having sex with Maxine. Then Riley having sex with Naomi. Then Naomi seduces Jack. Then Naomi catches Armando and Tina about to have sex, and blackmails them into letting her join them for a threesome. Then softcore film legend Monique Parent (using the name Scarlett Johansing, for some reason), shows up as Maxine’s old college roommate Leah, and they have a hot lesbian sex scene. And then finally, in the end, after the stalker is exposed, Maxine and Jack get together.

Every sex scene in this film is excellent, especially the ones with Tracy Ryan and Tera Patrick, with the only downside being that the two women never had a sex scene together. I’ve noticed that hardcore adult stars like Patrick tend to be especially good in softcore films, because they really know how to make the sex look real. Also credit goes to the Madison Monroe, for her direction of the scenes, as well as to Stan Ausmus & Nick D’Virgilio, who composed the music that plays during the sex scenes. It’s very hypnotic and erotic, and fits the mood perfectly each time. And storywise (not that anyone watches these films for the story, let’s be honest), Montana Muirfield does a good job with the script, it keeps the suspense and drama going throughout most of the film. I will admit that the ending, with the reveal of the stalker, is a bit out of left field and a cop-out. But nevertheless, for all the other good qualities of this film, I rate it:

Unfortunately, as The Seduction of Maxine, this DVD is out of print and therefore difficult to come by. The film was renamed The Stalker, and is available on DVD, but only in the R-rated format, which cuts down all of the sex scenes, and therefore isn’t as appealing as the superior unrated version.

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