Set in 2020, Radio Free Amerika chronicles the story of DJ Mose B., a young African-American man living in a refugee camp along the Canadian border following the overthrow of the United States government by a coalition of communist and Arab nations. “It’s Red Dawn meets The Wire. World War III from an urban perspective,” said creator B. Robert Bell. “After five years of occupation, the exiled U.S. forces are preparing to stage a second revolution. Mose operates a pirate radio operation, RADIO FREE AMERIKA, and passes information to the few remaining pockets of resistance fighters via the hip hop tracks he spins. He’s a young guy from Philly, completely out of his element, but doing what it takes to survive and help the cause.

B. Robert Bell draws this, and co-wrote it with Robert Jeffrey (writer/creator of Route 3, which I recommended HERE), this is one drama-filled comic. The issue is mostly a flashback story showing how America was brought down by a combination of the Russian and Chinese governments, and they make it all feel very real, as if you could imagine it happening right now, and wonder how you would react. And emp bomb took out all power in the U.S., and after 3 days of chaos, there were nuclear strikes on our major cities and then the Russian troops started pouring in. Even if it is somewhat logistically impossible, I still got the shivers while reading it. And I like the fact that the lead character utilizes hip-hop to keep the spark of revolution alive amongst his fellow American freedom fighters (who are leaving in a refugee camp in Canada). The book ends on a cliffhanger, as the Americans begin their plan to fight back, and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for it.

This is Chacebook-recommended with a full FIVE STAR rating. Do yourself a favor and buy this book now, available digitally for only $1.99 on Comicsplus

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