Last we met our intrepid heroes they were selling comic books, playing video games and DISSAPEARING FROM ALL OF REALITY?! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO MASS? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS? WHAT DASTARDLY VILLAIN COULD CONCEIVE SUCH A PLOT? And who is that coffee addicted old man in that spectacular hat. Find out all this and more in Massively Effective #2 Electric Boogaloo! No, wait, that’s not right. Massively Effective #2! In a story aptly titled “The more things change, the more they stay the same” Part 2

Well, y’all know how much I loved Massively Effective #1, so of course I bought Massively Effective #2. Writers/co-creators Marco Lopez and Bryan Ginn have returned to bring us another fun-filled, action-packed issue that involves time travel, alternate timelines, cavemen and dinosaurs, samurais, cowboys and mad scientists. Oh yeah, and something about our erstwhile superheroes, Mass and Effect, committing Crimes Against Humanity (that sounds bad). And it all breezed by, I started reading and was immediately engrossed in all the high-concept craziness and before I knew it, I was on page 24 and it was over! This is the kind of enjoyment that I miss getting from Marvel or DC these days. I know this isn’t the most thorough review I’ve ever written, but I feel like almost anything I say would be a spoiler and, really, you just have to read it for yourself. The strength of this book remains in the dialog between the two lead characters. Lopez and Ginn write it in such a natural style, while keeping it humorous without making this being a “joke” comic-book. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t single out artist Michael Mayne for praise, as he once again does an excellent job.

Recommended with a Chacebook premium rating of 5 STARS, so do yourself a favor and click this link to, or this one to, and download this .pdf, for just a measly $1.99, post-haste!

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