A superhero buddy story wrapped up in a love letter to old school comics and cartoons.Massively Effective is the story of two best friends, who started out as arch enemies, named Mass and Effect. They were one of the greatest b-list superhero teams that ever existed. That is until they got tired of the constant disrespect from the super boys club and decided to retire once and for all and open up a small comic book shop called Massively Effective. As time went by, they learned to love their new lives. But they became complacent. Effect couldn’t stand it anymore. He yearned for the days when they fought alien invasions, zombie massacres and giant rock n’ roll king lizards. He wanted it back and without Mass’ knowledge, Effect returned to crime fighting. Mass, not wanting to let his best friend do the super hero thing without him, reluctantly jumped back into the game. Now they’re back with more jeers than cheers, but things have changed. The game is more deadly, old enemies are out for blood and Mass and Effect might come to find out that they may actually be more important than they could ever imagine.

Created and written by Marco Lopez and Bryan Ginn, with art by Michael Mayne, this little gem from Atomic Rex Entertainment is 25 pages of superheroic awesomeness in full color! It opens far in the future where Mass & Effect have somehow been summoned by a wise old futuristic council who warn them that they need to be better heroes because, so far, their exploits are forgotten in history. The the story zips back to their childhoods where we see their secret origins, then to three months before the present where they’re in Las Vegas, where we see them trying to help in a crisis, and find out that despite their good intentions they are treated as minor annoyances by the rest of the superhero community. The only person who does seem to take Mass & Effect seriously is their old arch-nemesis, Snake In The Grass and his partner PHD. Snake has been plotting his revenge on the duo, and when we jump to the present, Mass and Effect are enjoying a nice quiet Sunday working in their comic-book store, when Snake starts tearing up the city in a giant robot suit. So what happens next? READ THE BOOK AND FIND OUT!

If I could describe this book in one word, it would be: FUN. A bit longer and I say it’s like Tango & Cash with super-powers. It’s a fun book, with humor, but it’s not overly “jokey”. The dialogue between the two leads sounds natural, they bicker just like you’d expect two lifelong friends to do. Lopez and Ginn’s writing keeps the story moving with no dull spots, and Mayne’s artwork fits it perfectly. I recommend this title with a Chacebook rating of 5 STARS.

Can currently be purchased as digital download in .pdf format for the bargain price of only $1.99 via and can also be bought for you Kindle/iPad on

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