Prom night turned out to be a bust for a high school senior who claims she was denied entry because of the size of her breasts. Brittany Minder of Silverdale, Wash. came to the school dance in a strapless gown designed for large-chested women, but staff didn’t allow her in until she covered her cleavage with a shawl, the Associated Press reported. Minder said she has worn similarly-styled dresses to other Central Kitsap High School events. The prom’s dress code allows strapless dresses only if the cleavage is covered. Minder’s parents say their daughter was singled out because of her physique and they want a public apology, KOMO-TV reported.

This reminds me of another story that I saw recently. “Reality” TV star Evelyn Lozada accepted the request of Anthony Nelson to be his date at his High School Prom, and this is what she showed up in:

I saw that, and I couldn’t help my immediate thought that that was an inappropriate dress for her to be wearing to this event. Believe me, I am FAR from a prude, but that’s just too much. And then I see comments in reaction to the article defending her by saying things like “What’s the big deal? That’s nothing compared to what some High School girls wear to the Prom these days.” As if that’s supposed to make it better. The difference is, Lozada is an adult, old enough to be her date’s mother. So why is she showing off like that?

But as for Brittany Minder, this time I don’t see what the big deal is. Yeah, she’s showing off some cleavage too, but she’s a big girl, so in her case it doesn’t matter what she wore, it would still be apparent that she has big breasts. So what was she supposed to do, wear a burqa? And it says the school officials let her in, but made her cover he chest with a shawl, but I’m sure all that did is draw even more attention to her chest, and made her feel self-conscious, so I don’t blame her for walking out. Shame on the officials for this, screwing up her big night. I almost wish I was a teenager again, just so I could invite her to come with me to MY Prom, in order to make it up to her.

Anyway, speaking of the problems that bigger women have finding sexy clothes and undergarments that fit, here is an enlightening video from adult film star SAMANTHA 38G:

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