BIKINI WARRIORS (aka “Knock Outs”)


This film, written and directed by Fred Olen Ray (under the name Nicholas Medina), was originally titled Knock Outs, but has renamed and released on DVD as Bikini Warriors, for no apparent reason. It stars Joslyn James (yes, THAT Joslyn James) as Cindy, a high-class call girl. The film opens with her having sex with a client named Roger (played by Billy Chappell, credited as Tony Marino). But when payment time comes, Roger reveals that he is actually an undercover policeman and he has her arrested. She’s taken to jail, where she immediately gets into a fight with her cellmate, Sascha (Kylee Nash), and then is taken into the shower by the female prison guard (played by Cassandra Cruz, credited as Vanessa Brink), who quickly strips down and joins her for some hot lesbian sex. Then Cindy is taken back to her cell, now alone because they removed Sascha to avoid further fights, she’s visited by her lawyer, John (Eric Masterson), who complains that Cindy hasn’t paid him, so she has sex with him, in lieu of cash. Then at the sentencing hearing, because it’s Cindy’s 36th strike, she’s sentenced to life in prison. And that’s when Roger approaches her with a deal. They suspect that a local strip club is running an illegal fight club, with strippers boxing each other in bikinis, so they police want Cindy to go undercover as a stripper at the club, to expose the illegal fighting, in exchange for getting released. This being her only chance, Cindy agrees, and Roger takes her out to train in boxing.

Meanwhile, we see Sascha at the strip club. The boss, Jake (TJ Cummings) bailed her out. In exchange for doing that, she has sex with him. Later, Cindy comes in to audition for a job as a stripper, and part of that audition involves Jake taking her into his office and having sex with her, too. Later, when Jake sees how much Sascha and Cindy hate each other, he sets up a boxing match between the two women. Before the match, Roger secretly meets with Sascha, trying to get her to turn on Jake, and they have sex. And then Sascha and Cindy get together privately before the fight, talk over their differences, and also have sex. And then it’s time for the match. Cindy and Sascha get in a boxing ring, in the strip club, wearing bikinis, and prepare to fight. I won’t spoil the ending (like anyone cares), but it does end in a knock out.

So, considering there’s only one brief match at the end, I’d say the title and cover of the DVD are extremely misleading. Joslyn James’ acting is pretty bad, even for a softcore B-movie like this. And I noticed that Joslyn gets completely naked in her shower scene with Cruz, but in her scenes with Chappell, Marino, and Nash, she keeps her bra on. She does take it off during her scene with Cummings, but she does seems to hold on to her breasts a lot during it, frequently covering her nipples, which defeats the purpose of watching a film like this. My guess is that perhaps her breast implants were still rather new (I did think I could see what looked like a dent in one of them, in one scene), and maybe it hurt to have them bouncing too much, so she needed to hold them in place during the sex scenes? That’s just speculation but, either way, there’s really not much for me to recommend in this film, even with the awesome Kylee Nash in it.

Chacebook rating: 2 STARS.

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