Wargod is resurrected and sent to Earth to continue his age old conflict with the nefarious god Sutekh and protect all of mankind from any impending evil.

Written by George T. Singley IV and Jim Mitchel, and drawn by Benjamin Morse, this tells the story of WARGOD, who is described as the son of the Egyptian God, Osiris, and has a civilian identity of Curt Corey, an Egyptian army captain. His exact origin is not revealed in this issue, which opens with Wargod in the middle of a brutal fight against two superhumans, Captain Stellar and Blade-Master, which isn’t going well for him. As Captain Stellar prepares to deliver the killing blow, we flashback to 3 days earlier, where we see how they all met. Wargod is flying over “Silver City”, when he encounters a giant talking snake which is on a rampage. As he attempts to subdue the creature, Captain Stellar and Blade-Master arrive, along with another dozen costumed individuals, to give him a hand. Afterwards, they introduce themselves as a team called HEROES UNITED, and invite them to join their ranks, but Wargod declines.

Later, as Curt Corey, he does some online investigating of the group, which he finds suspicious.The group just formed a couple of months earlier, and has amassed an army of superheroes who have joined their ranks. All outward appearances seem to indicate that they are a benign force for good. Curt travels to the Heroes United HQ in Sudan, to get check them. He’s given a tour of their facilities, in addition to super-heroics, the group also promotes education and health care, and other charitable efforts. But just as Curt inquires about the funding for this group he gets a mysterious message from…well, that would be telling. Go buy the book to find out!

A good set-up to a larger story, that hooks the readers right from the start. I give this 4 STARS.

Available from IndyPlanet

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