Franklin Avery and his wife Gwendolyn were both decorated agents on the Meta City special crimes unit. When a case of national importance turns tragic, Gwendolyn is killed and Frank is severely injured. A mysterious Doctor is able to save Frank and using robotic technology gives him enhanced strength, perception and vision. Now, as a new threat looms on the horizon, there are many questions to answer. What are the limits of his newfound powers? Why has he been hearing voices and why he’s been chosen to become the Defender of one of earth’s last remaining cities.

I just got this today, as part of a stack of new comics that I ordered on Indy Planet. It’s the first book I read, during my lunchbreak at work, and I did not want to put it down! Co-writers Omar Bilal and Todd Threats have crafted an awesome sci-fi story, that is just the right mix of action and character moments. Set in the “not so distant” future, Meta City is a place with flying cars, artificial intelligence, and aliens, but the setting feels “real” enough.

Actually, the only unrealistic part to me was that, despite all the technological advancement evident in the story, people are still using books printed on paper?!? Get outta here!

But I digress…

The lead character, Franklin, is a police officer as this story begins. When some alien bad guys with stolen goods manage to take out a whole squad of M-City police, Franklin rushes to the scene and with some quick thinking single-handedly saves the day. But all is still not well, as we see through flashbacks that he is still haunted by the memory of his dead wife. When he’s sent to meet his mysterious benefactor, we also learn of how his wife died, and who was responsible. Just enough info is given to leave you wanting more.

All of this is drawn by artist Mike Werner, who does a very good job. His style reminds me of animation, I could almost see the images in this comic moving, as if this were a cartoon. Very nice.
This book gets 4 STARS

Available on IndyPlanet

*EDITED TO ADD* I just found out that a 2nd Issue is also available. That will be on my next IndyPlanet order.

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  1. Chace,

    Glad you liked book one. An unexpected boost to my day. Avery and the crew thank you!!

    Omar Bilal
    Creator, M-City Defender


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