Written and directed by Udo Blass, this film stars Jay Stewart (aka Jason Schnuit) as Ken Ashbrook, a college professor who wants to research human sexuality, and has created a device he called the Cybertron, which can monitor and enhance people’s sexual fantasies, putting in a virtual reality simulation of their dreams, and records their physical reactions to it. The college board is skeptical of Professor Ashbrook’s claims, and give him a few days to present his findings to them so they can decided whether to offer him grant money to continue his research. Mia Zottoli (billed simply as “Mia”) plays Stacey Lovejoy, who is sent by the college to be his research assistant, and help him monitor the dreams of his subjects.

So that’s the basic set-up, flimsy as it is, where the majority of the rest of the film is a series of sexy vignettes as students come in one at a time to explain their fantasies and experience them in the VR world. Regina Russell plays a woman who dreams of meeting a stranger (Drake Tatum) in a dress shop on a busy boardwalk, and have sex with him behind some curtains while people walk past right outside. Then Steve Curtis plays a guy whose fantasy is a co-ed game of strip-poker between two couples (Curtis again with Gina Ryder & Micah Bradshaw with Amy LaRue) that turns into an orgy. Then Amber Newman plays a woman who fantasizes about having sex outside in the rain with a handsome stranger (Will Greene). Sandy Wasko imagines getting picked up by the guitar player in her favorite Country band (Carlos Milano) after a concert and having sex with him in the backseat of his limousine. Stephen Todd plays a student who dreams of joining the so-called Mile High Club with a sexy stewardess (Lisa Comshaw). Another professor (Tony Miata) dreams of having sex in classroom after school with one of his students (Zoe Paul). Elizabeth Patrick talks about having sex with her husband in a jacuzzi at night while a stranger watches them. But things take a turn for the worse after Stacy privately monitors the fantasy of a woman played by Cara Keys (aka Caroline Key Johnson), who dreams of role-playing with her boyfriend, played by Johnny Quaid, who pretends to be a masked burglar who sneaks into her bedroom at night as sex with her. Both the woman and Stacy get overheating while this fantasy plays out, and Stacy gets caught feeling her up. The woman goes to the Dean of the college, which threatens to put the whole project at risk.

Meanwhile, there is also a running subplot about Ken. His ex-girlfriend, Diane (Michelle Hall aka Michelle Von Flotow) left him, due to his inability to open up sexually with her. And everytime he uses his own Cybertron, he has bad dreams where Diane is with another man, while she taunts him. Stacy tries to help him by using the Cybertron with him, helping him get over Diana by having sex with him in the fantasy world. Then Ken gets a call from a major computer company, who want to give him millions for his machine, which means that he and Stacy can leave the school together anyway.


A good cast of actors, many of home are softcore veterans. But the only really stand-out scenes where the one in the classroom, and the burglar scene. The strip poker scene is decent, too. The rest were pretty standard. Overall this film gets a Chacebook rating of 3 STARS


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