Previously, I was impressed with WarGod #1, and now I’ve finally managed to pick up #2. Writers George T. Singley IV and Jim Mitchel, and artist by Benjamin Morse, return to pick up the story from where they left off. While investigating the international superhero group/charitable foundation, Heroes United, Curt gets a mysterious message from his father, Osiris. Osiris warns him that he is in great danger and that the world is dying, but then the message is cut off before Curt can find out more. A woman named Marinella, who works for Heroes United and has been showing Curt around their HQ invites him to dinner, where we learn a bit more of his background. He’s an American who was always fascinated with Egyptian culture, so he eventually moved to Egypt and joined their military. Curt and Marinella spend the night together, and the next morning Curt gets a call from one of his partners, who tells him that he couldn’t find anything illegitimate about Heroes United’s funding or activities. But Curt is still suspicious so he transforms into Wargod to snoop around himself, while the members of Heroes United are holding a press conference about a partnership with the Sudanese government. But while looking he is caught by Marinella, who transforms into the superhero Demon-Hunter and attacks him, and is soon joined by Captain Stellar, Blade-Master and some other heroes. They all appear to be under some mind-control, and talk of forcing Wargod to join their “master” After a short battle, Wargod is subdued, Demon-Hunter implants some kind of symbol on his forhead, tells him it’s the mark of their master, and then force him to watch as some other superhero is laid on a tablet on an possessed by some kind of blue energy that comes out of a big blue rock, and gets up now mind-controlled like the rest of the heroes. Then Wargod is placed on the tablet and it’s his turn to be possessed.

That’s it for this issue, a decent cliffhanger to end a fast-paced comic with a nice mix of action and suspense. The writers and artist all do a good job in keeping this miniseries going. I plan to get issue #3 to see this continue. 4 STARS

Available on INDYPLANET

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