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In my opinion, Monique Parent is a bonafide LEGEND in the Softcore/B-Movie industry. She’s been acting professionally since 1991, and never fails to give each role her all. And even if she’s gone from playing the young ingenue to the hot MILF, she looks like she’s barely aged a day since her beginning. This 1994 film is one of her first major starring roles, and remains a bit of a cult favorite.

I guess spoilers follow?

Written by Mary Ellen Hanover and directed by Dale Trevillion, Monique co-stars in the film with Jennifer Burton, playing best friends, and co-workers,  Geena and Lindsay. As the film opens the two women are on vacation with their husbands Brad (Craig Stepp) and Joe (Elliot David), staying at some nice vacation home in Palm Springs. It immediately becomes clear that Geena is not as satisfied with her marriage as Lindsay is. That first night Brad goes right to sleep, leaving Geena to lay there awake, masturbating, as she listens to the sounds of Lindsay and Joe having passionate sex in the next room.

The next morning the two men go off to play golf while the ladies lay out by the pool in their bikinis, then taking their tops off to tan. The ladies begin discussing their sexual fantasies, but are interrupted by a guy coming to clean the pool, so they run back into the house before he can see their breasts. Still turned on, and in just their bikini bottoms, the two women masturbate together until the pool guy leaves, and then they go back out and jump in the pool. That night, both couples have sex in their rooms, but we see with Geena and Brad that Geena is very aggressive, she keeps getting on top of Brad and screaming loudly, that Brad seems a little concerned about it.

When the vacation is over we see Geena and Lindsay back at work. Remembering what happened before, the ladies sneak into an empty office during a break and watch each other masturbate (while topless) again. And this time they kiss afterward.  Later, back at their home, we get a hot sex scene between Lindsay and Joe where she tells him what she and Geena have been doing and ask if he’d like to watch them sometime, which of course he does.

So next thing you know the two couples are on vacation again, this time they’re at ski lodge. One day Brad has to go out to get a tire fixed, and Geena and Lindsay go into a room to strip and masturbate on a bed together, with Joe hiding in the closet watching them. Afterward it’s revealed that Geena knew he was watching, and then the three of them get into a hot tub naked together. And Joe tells Geena about a time that he and Lindsay had a threesome with his cousin Connie (Ashlie Rhey), which we see in a hot flashback. Then Lindsay and Joe have sex in the hot tub while Geena watches and lightly participates (kissing Joe, and letting him suck on her breasts). Then they talk about trying to get Brad involved, but Geene isn’t sure if he’d go along with it. That night, Geena tries to trick Brad into watching Jennifer play with herself naked in the sauna, but he’s too embarrassed.

A week later, back at their home, Geena tells Brad everything, hoping he’ll be turned on, but he gets mad and calls her a pervert.  It turns out that Brad and Joe are law partners, but now Brad is mad and won’t work with Joe, and they get into a fist fight in their office. Joe then gets mad at Lindsay for starting all this, saying this is ruining his business, and he moves out of their house. So now both couples are split up. Lindsay goes to see Brad and seduces him. Then Joe and Brad meet at a bar, get drunk and then hook up in a park. So we get a couple of hot sex scenes of the new couples.

Being with Lindsay helps bring Brad out of his sexual shell, but it’s clear that he still loves Geena, same as Lindsay and Joe love each other, so he arranges for the 4 of them to meet again at the Palm Springs house, where he explains to them why he’s been so sexuall inhibited. In a hot flashback scene, we see that when Brad was 18 (played by Francis Shanahan) he was caught masturbating by his beautiful stepmother (Julie Strain), and she took it upon herself to teach him about the birds and the bees. She would invite him to get in bed naked with her while they talked about sex, and she would jack him off. And one night she brought a coworker home with her (Tammy Parks) and the two women got undressed and fooled around with Brad, but then Brad’s father came home and caught them, and proceeded to beat Brad so bad that he was in the hospital for a week. 

And with that, the two couples reconcile, and then Brad and Joe watch as Geena and Lindsay mastubate together again. THE END.

Yeah, okay, I spoiled the plot but, trust me, you’ll still love seeing this film. Even back then it was obvious what a talented actress Monique was, and Jennifer Burton more than holds her own against her. And it helps that the two women have excellent chemistry together, as all of their scenes are scorching. The guys are fine in their roles too. The only thing that could have made it better is if the Julie Strain scene was longer and in color (the flashback is in black and white).  But, still, this film easily gets a Chacebook rating of 5 STARS

Unfortunately, this film is out of print, and therefore hard to find. There are options online, so if you look hard enough, you will find it.

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    • Hello Lana, thanks for stopping by. I tried looking her up myself and couldn’t find much info on her since her last credited acting gig on IMDB in 2005. So I figured there is one person I could ask who may know something: Monique Parent! So I DM’d her on Twitter and this was her reply:

      “She is on social media but chooses to keep it private. She has left the business and is married and is a mom. She seems very happy and content in her life now.”

      So there you go.


      • Oh wow that’s what I always thought! Good for her she was one of my favorites along with Nikki Fritz💔. Thanks for asking👏🏼

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    • I don’t know, but considering that she was also a hardcore porn star under multiple different names, she is mostly living a private life now, as you suggest, and is probably under some new name, so would be hard to find.


      • Yup the forever changing names! I watch a few of her porn clips but I thought she was best in softcore! Thanks and great work here, I found your page by pure luck! I’m glad I did!!! 🙌🏼

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