Meteor Man Art: Neko L. Harris


This guy is clearly a fan of Meteor Man. He first posted this a few months ago. A fierce-looking image of Meteor Man vs. Simon.



A week later he posted this with the caption:
#SuperHeroSunday Old Sketch of my rendition of the Iconic and Classic #Meteorman by the great @iamroberttownsend So much love for the character because it was one of the few real heroes I could look up to as a kid.

If he finished this, he hasn’t posted it. But I like what I’m seeing there. I’ve said before that perhaps the Meteor Man logo could be changed, to replace the image of Saturn (since his name isn’t Saturn Man), and what Neko has down here is a little circle with 2 M’s inside. Simple, but effective.


And then two weeks after that he posted this image with the caption: I’m obsessed with Meteor Man. His entire concept has been the basis of a lot of my hero artwork. Exploring a lot more of his profile right now

Awesome. I love this piece, and the fact that there are other guys who, like me, loved this movie when were younger and still love the character today.

Check out Neko L. Harrison online:

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