The Affair

Written by Eric Mandelbaum and directed by Danny Taylor this film stars Raelyn Saalman and Will Potter as Jennifer and Greg, a young engaged couple who live together. They love each other, but currently have two problems. First, Jennifer is a little too sexually inhibited for Greg, as he is the only man she’s ever been with. She doesn’t like doing it with the lights on, or getting on top. She’s even uncomfortable doing it in front of mirror, although Greg would like for them to be able to watch themselves have sex. And, second, they’re broke. Greg was a lawyer, but quit because of the high pressure of the job, and is trying to start his own business repairing various things, and Jennifer works with him, while also being an aspiring songwriter. They’re $100,000 in debt, and constantly dodging creditors. Early in the film Greg’s car is repossessed. This obviously stalls their marriage plans, which frustrates Jennifer, who isn’t sure if Greg is just using that as an excuse.

One day, while being called to repair a Jukebox, Jennifer meets a wealthy woman named Alexis (Jenna Bodnar) who, after hearing of her personal troubles, offers to pay Jennifer $100,000 in exchange for having sex with Alexis’ husband Mark (Robert L. Newman), because, apparently, Alexis gets off on watching her husband have sex with other women. Jennifer is initially appalled at the idea. She tells her best friend Linda (Kathleen Scott), who actually encourages her to go through with it, saying that Jennifer needs some experience with at least one other man, and that once she has the money and that’s no longer an obstacle she can find out if Greg is really committed to marrying her or not.

As tensions continue to rise between Jennifer and Greg, she eventually decides to do it, and goes over to Alexis’ house one night to have sex with Mark. And that’s when the major PLOT TWIST comes in. It turns out that Alexis is actually Greg’s ex-fiance. Greg dumped her because she was too sexually wild, and Alexis is jealous that he ended up with innocent little Jennifer. So her plan is to use this to break them up. Mark isn’t really her husband, just some man she hired for this job. On the night of the sex, she tries to arrange for Greg to come over so he can “accidentally” catch Jennifer in bed with Mark.

I won’t spoil the ending, but I’ll just say that is it a satisfactory one. Raelyn and Will have great chemistry together. Earlier that same year they have both co-starred in the film FRIEND OF THE FAMILY, during which they’d had one very hot sex scene (in which his character was the innocent virgin, while she was the more experienced one), and they get a couple of hot sex scenes in this film. But they also get plenty of scenes to show off their acting skills, with this plot that is admittedly somewhat ripped off from Indecent Proposal.  Raelyn in particular is really good, as her switch from being opposed to sleeping with Mark to later agreeing to it looks convincing.  Also even after she agrees to do it, we see how nervous and unsure she still is. It’s all in her eyes and the tone of her voice. Very well-done. Bodnar also shines in her role as the manipulative vixen. She has several scenes where she’s nude or in various states of undress, as well one sex scene. There are a couple of other sex scenes, some with Raelyn, and some with Kathleen Scott, but I don’t want to say who with as it may spoil some of the story, and a woman named Kim Lombardi gets topless.

So, for the erotica lovers, there’s plenty to admire in this film, and with a solid story and acting, this gets a Chacebook rating of 5 STARS


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