Meteor Man Artwork: Sean A. Mack


Sean A. Mack posted this some months ago with the caption: Consider this to be my online petition to be the illustrator for a Meteor Man comic reboot.

So we’ve got another big fan of the character. I must say that I like this design and color-scheme for the costume, it’s new and updated, yet harkens back to the original. He should probably add the “MM” to the logo, though. Taking that away, just leaving the Saturn image, people might think he’s supposed to be “Saturn Man.” Or, I don’t know, thinking about it now, maybe the character needs a whole new original logo, since the Saturn image never did really fit?

Anyway, I like Mack’s style here. I like that, in costume, the character is smiling, because he is supposed to be a lighthearted hero. Him grasping for the piece of green meteor is also a nice touch. Maybe I need to put together a written proposal for a Meteor Man comic reboot and join up with him to pitch this? Hmmm…

Check out Sam A. Mack online:

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