CLUB WILD SIDE 2 (aka Inside Club Wild Side)


Released later the same year as its predecessor, this is not exactly a direct sequel. The only returning cast member is Monique Parent, who once again plays the owner of an unnamed night club which features live sex shows (although this time it is explicitly stated that the sex is real, not just acting), but in this film her character’s name is Alex, not Christine.

It’s directed by the same man, Lawrence Lanoff, this time using the name Lawrence Unger, and written by L. Douglas Zajec. This film stars Jason Schnuit as Joe. Like Haley from the first film, he’s a mostly innocent and somewhat naive hick from Wisconsin. He dreams of being a painter. In the opening scene he has sex with his girlfriend Susan (Nancy O’Brien). He tells her he loves her, but she tells him that she’s going to marry someone else, a rich man’s son, and says it’s because Joe is going nowhere and she has to think about her future. Dejected, Joe drives to L.A., but upon arrival someone steals his luggage, and so he’s forced to try to sleep in his truck that night. But he sees a woman named Tina (Brande Roderick, yep, from Baywatch) being attacked by some guy, Joe chases him off, and offers her a ride home. Back at her place (which is a very nice house with a pool in the back) Tina invites him in for something to eat, and the two end up having sex in her bathtub.

The next morning Tina offers to let Joe stay in her guest room, until he gets on his feet. But insists it’s strictly platonic, she doesn’t want a relationship, and sex can’t happen between them again, which Joe agrees to. But then we later we see Joe painting in his room, and Tina offers to let him paint her nude. The two get turned on and start to have sex again, but are interrupted by a phone call from Alex, Tina’s boss, asking her to come in. At first Tina tries to hide the details of her job from Joe, but he secretly follows her to work and sneaks into the club, where he’s overwhelmed by the nude and topless dancers all around. And sees Angela (Ahmo Hight aka “MILF” from “Real Chance of Love” and stabber from Minnosota), masturbating while naked on stage.

And then next comes out Tina, performing with an uncredited actor dressed sort of like Zorro, and they have sex on stage. Afterward, Joe meets her backstage, and she’s unhappy that he followed her and doesn’t like his judgmental attitude towards what she does. He starts to leave, but catches Alex’s eye, and she offers him a job at the club as a bartender, which he accepts, much to Tina’s chagrin. And then we get another scene of Tina performing on stage, this time with another woman (Nenna Quiroz) as they both get naked and take a shower together. Soon Joe is also approached by Angela, who wastes no time in seducing him, taking him out back behind the club to have sex up against the metal fence. Back home, Tina and Joe agree to continue their platonic friendship, although it’s abundantly clear that each of them want more, but neither wants to admit it.

Soon, Alex sets her sights on Joe, taking him home and seducing him, with promises of helping his art career. She even then encourages him to perform at the club, joining Angela one night as he she portrays a doctor/dominatrix, and he’s her patient, whom she makes strip and then ties him down to a examination table and has sex with him. Now Tina is really disappointed in him. She starts dating a movie producer named Tony (James/Jim Richer), who promises her the starring role in his next movie.

At one point there’s a cancellation at the club so, against Alex’s wishes, Joe and Tina have to perform together on stage, which awakens feelings in both of them, but Alex still connives to keep them apart. As Tina is prepared to go away on a trip with Tony, Joe discovers that Alex is really just planning on using him as a gigolo (he catches her trying to hire him out to some woman for $600), he decides to quit the club and stop Tina from leaving (having also learned some unsavory truths about him). Will he get to her in time? Will Joe and Tina be happy? Tune in to find out!

Like it’s predecessor, this film has a good story, with an attractive cast that was clearly chosen as much for their acting ability as well as their comfort at getting naked on screen. Monique Parent does her usual excellent job in the “villain” role. And Jason and Brande have excellent chemistry that just melts the screen every time they are together. As the co-leads, they carry this film well.

Oh yeah, I forget to mention one key factor of the character of Joe: He has a very large penis. This is reference several times in the film, in his sex scenes with Susan, Tina, then Angela, all, as we see the looks on their faces when they see it. In his scene with Alex, we get a brief look at part of an obvious prosthetic penis, when she first pulls down Joe’s pants, and see from behind as the head of reaches the middle of his thighs (and Alex licks her lips). And then in the scene on stage with Angela when he strips behind a curtain we his silhouette from the side, where his penis looks even bigger. It’s a funny little detail added to this film, which, overall gets a Chacebook rating of 5 STARS

This film has also been released under the name Inside Club Wild Side

inside club wild side

Perhaps that’s to somewhat distance itself from the first film, which makes sense as the actual club has a much bigger role in the plot (meaning most of the story takes place inside it) than the first film did. Still, either way, it’s hard to find. Even R-Rated copies of the film can be pricey. But if you can manage to find (or download) a copy of the UNRATED version of this film, it will be worth the effort.

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