X #8

Ruidoso and his partners have Leigh safely in custody, but Lt. Setter and his Dogs of War will stoop to any low to snatch her away. The struggle within the police force erupts into a full-on firefight when X shows up to enforce his own law-and what he does next will shock you!


Picking up from the previous issue, Rudioso’s task force have Leigh in custody. X was not at the hideout when the Dogs of War shot it up. But when Lt. Setter finds out that Rudioso has Leigh they demand he turn her over to him. Rudioso realizes that Setter is just going to kill her, and therefor he sets up a trap of his own. Without spoiling all the details (suffice to say there’s lot of the action and suspense that I’ve come to expect from this series), this issue and arc ends with a bit of twist. X doesn’t kill anyone. Instead he makes a deal with Setter, forcing Setter to dismantle his drug dealing operations, disband the Dogs of War and demote them all to harmless divisions in the department and promote Ruidoso and his team to Major Crimes Division. This shows that X is thinking longterm for the betterment of the city, as just killing bad guys isn’t enough, he’s actively working to reform the police department. I was very impressed with this issue. FIVE STARS

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