Bikini Royale 2

This 2010 film is the second sequel to THE GIRL FROM B.I.K.I.N.I. after BIKINI ROYALE 1
, continuing the adventures of secret agent Tanya X of the Bureau of International Knowledge Intelligence and Nonstandard Investigations, played once again by the beautiful Beverly Lynne Meadows.

Once again written (as Sherman Scott) and directed (as Nicholas Medina) by softcore auteur Fred Olen Ray, we open in North Pole, where Tanya (wearing just a parka), is freezing. She comes upon a wooden cabin. Talking to her boss, Mr. Shayne (Dan Golden aka Sam Silver), on the phone, she’s instructed to infiltrate the cabin, which she’s told belongs to some eccentric scientist, and steal a book. Tanya gets in and snoops around, then the scientist, Dr. Vornoff (Nick Manning) walks in and confronts her with a gun. Tanya distracts him by seducing him, and they have sex. Afterward, she knocks him out with some perfume which is really sleeping potion, steals the book and leaves.

Tanya gets back home and we’re treated to a nice solo shower scene. Fred Olen Ray knows what Beverly Lynne’s fans want to see, as moves his camera up and down her naked body as she soaps her self up and then finished by masturbating. When she gets out of the shows she’s surprised to find C.I.A. agents Carter (Frankie Cullen) sitting on her couch. He wants to see the book, but she refuses and then kicks him out. She goes to B.I.K.I.N.I. hq and hands the books to Mr. Shayne, who tells her that it’s really a coded list of enemy agents. Then he gives her her next assignment, to go undercover at a brother run by Madame Zola, who is secretly a criminal mastermind.

At the brother, known as Madame Zola’s House of Tarts, were see a prostitute named Jill (Jayden Cole) having sex with a man named Mr. Sherwood (Billy Chappell aka Tony Marino) on a bed. After word he hands her a wad of money, and leaves. She checks the wad and there’s also a microship included. When Jill goes to give the money to Madame Zola (Brandin Rackley), who pulls a gun on her and reveals that she knows Jill is really a secret agent for B.I.K.I.N.I., and demands the microchip. When Jill lies and says he didn’t give it to her, Zola takes Jill down to a dungeon and locks her in a cage.

Then Tanya shows up for her interview, which consists of her and Zola having sex, so Zola can personally see how good Tanya is. Meanwhile, Mr. Shayne calls in Carter, and asks him to help on this case. Shayne suspects that Zola has found out and caught Jill X, and reveals that Mr. Sherwood is also a double-agent working for them. That’s why Shayne wants Carter to go in undercover, since he’s worried that Zola has a mole in B.I.K.I.N.I., so Carter will have a better chance of staying undercover since he works for the C.I.A., and Carter agrees.

Mr. Sherwood shows up again at the brothel and picks a prostitute named Carrie (Dena Kollar aka Ashley West) and they go up to a room and have sex, while Tayna secretly watches through the door. Zola sees Tanya watching and gets suspicious. Afterward, Mr. Sherwood tries to question Carrie about Jill, but she insists she doesn’t know what happened to her, so he gives her some money and tells her to take the rest of the day off.

Carter shows up as a customer. Tanya is shocked to see him, but has to pretend she doesn’t recognize him. He selects Tanya and when they get up to her room, he tells her about Jill and warns her about Zola. Then he insists that they have to have sex since he paid for it, and Zola might find out if they don’t. So Tanya reluctantly agrees and they have sex, although she doesn’t appear to enjoy it that much. She files her nails while he goes down on her, and then during the sex she fakes moaning, has to stifle a yawn, checks her watch, and repeatedly asks “are you done yet?” It’s a pretty funny scene.

Later, Carrie goes to Tanya’s room, and is scared, but won’t say why. So Tanya tries to relax her by having sex with her and giving her a naked oil massage. That’s the last sex scene in the film. Without spoiling the ending, let’s just say that there’s some gunplay and a couple of double-crosses before this adventure reaches it’s thrilling conclusion.

Storywise, this is probably the weakest of these films, but the sex scenes were still hot. Fred Olen Ray has a knack for shooting them, making them slow and seductive and very erotic. That’s always enough to grant this film FOUR STARS.

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