bikini royale

This 2008 film is a sequel to 2006’s THE GIRL FROM B.I.K.I.N.I.. Once again written and directed by Fred Olen Ray (aka Nicholas Medina), and starring Beverly Lynne Meadows as secret agent Tanya X of the Bureau of International Knowledge Intelligence and Nonstandard Investigations.

No wasting time here, as the film opens with a scene of hardcore film star Syren taking a shower. Tanya is secretly watching and taking pictures, and getting really hot as the camera seductively goes up and down Syren’s sexy naked body. After her shower Syren (who’s character is unnamed in this film) pulls out a gun and points it at Tanya, revealing that she knows Tanya was watching her. She is under the impression that Tanya is a P.I. hired by her husband to catch her cheating, but Tanya denies it and promises to leave and not say anything about what she say. But first Syren forces Tanya to strip out of her clothes, while Syren takes pictures of her, and then they have sex on a coach. Afterwards, Syren falls asleep, and Tanya gets up, snoops around, and steals some little device she finds in the house, and sneaks away.

Back at B.I.K.I.N.I. hq, Tanya’s boss Mr. Whately (now played by Ted Monte) gives her her next assignment. A wealthy man named Parker Savage is suspected of selling atomic missiles to criminals, whom he meets at high-stakes poker games he hosts at his home. Tanya will go in as an interior decorator and plant bugs in his house. When Tanya gets there, she meets Parker’s assistant Corrine (Nicole Sheridan), who leaves her alone in the house. Tanya snoops around, goes up the bedroom and plants a bug there, but then Parker (Evan Stone) arrives and asks what she’s doing there. Tanya distracts them him with sex.

Afterward, Parker invites Tanya back that Saturday to join in his poker game, which she accepts. When they find out that Corrine is secretly working for a master criminal named Dr. Nyet (played by Monique Parent), who is trying to acquire those missiles. Then we see Dr. Nyet having sex with her female assistant, Tang (Charlie Lane).

Back at her own house, Tanya is met by C.I.A. agent Mark Ten (Alexandre Boisvert aka “Voodoo”), who informs her that he’s on the same case that she is, and is going to be at the poker game too. They agree to work together, and Mark introduces Tanya to poker expert Sophie (Christine Nguyen) who tries to teach them poker. Since they don’t have any chips or money on hand, they play strip pokers, which ends up with both women naked, and then they all have a threesome.

We get one more sex scene, which is between Corrine and Parker, and then it’s the night of the poker game where…well, you’ll have to see for yourself. No spoilers.

Like the first one, is a funny spoof on James Bond and other spy films. But if you primarily only watch films like this for the sex (&, be honest, don’t we all?), then you’ll be happy with what we get here. I was especially impressed with the Beverly Lynne/Syren lesbian scene, and threesome with Nguyen. And, of course, the legendary Monique Parent is always a joy to watch. The film could have used a little more of her in it. But it was good. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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