I don’t believe in God. I suppose that makes me an Atheist. Or an Agnostic. Or both. I don’t know if there is any sort of Supreme Being or Creative Designer behind the existence of life, the universe, and everything. I don’t know if we have a soul, and if so does it enter some kind of afterlife when we die, or if we simply cease to exist. I am however 100% convinced that every religion that currently exists on Earth (be it Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Scientology, etc.) is false. I don’t believe any of them, I don’t believe any religious tracts are real or that any supposed messengers/prophets of God (be it Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Tom Cruise, etc.) were correct. This is mainly because all of this religions preach of an interventionist deity who is actively involved in our daily lives. Listening to our prayers (and randomly choosing which ones to grant and which ones to ignore), watching our every move and judging us (making a list, checking it twice, trying to find out if we’re naughty or nice), and has a “plan” for each of us.

That’s bullshit. In my opinion.

So, there you go, I’ll let you decide how you want to label me, if you must. I don’t particularly care. That’s the point of this post. I’m lazy, I just want to be left alone. People can believe in whatever fairy tales they want to, that’s all fine and dandy with me. As long as you’re not trying to force to believe them, or behave according to your beliefs. I’ve often said that as someone who supports LGBT rights, I’m particularly disgusted by Black homophobes who use The Bible as justification for their bigotry, considering that that very same book was used for centuries to justify our enslavement. Put down that “Holy” book, and pick up a HISTORY book, idiots.

But for the most part, I don’t care what people believe. And I don’t define myself by my lack of belief. But I do see many self-proclaimed atheists/agnostics doing just that, especially on the internet. They join atheist groups, of “freethinkers” groups, and go to meetings, wear clothes and buy merchandise with the red “A” symbol, or get “Darwin fish” to put on their car, and, as exemplified by the image posted up top, are always posting their various anti-religious images on Facebook and other social media sites. Like on Christmas and Easter, all the smug atheists have to post about the pagan origins of the holidays, like it makes them oh-so-smart. I can see why some religious people (falsely) claim that “atheism is a religion.” It’s not. But many atheist act like it is. Going to meetings, wearing symbols, talking about it constantly, trying to convince others that you’re right…that sure sounds like religious activity to me.

And there’s also the atheist who go to court for things like trying to remove the phrase “under God” for the Pledge of Allegiance, and “In God We Trust” from our currency, and that’s also the sort of thing I don’t agree with. That also feels like they’re just trying to make noise for no real reason. Stuff like that doesn’t “offend” me. I’m not bothered by seeing religious symbols in public. Hey, I even occasionally go to church, for various family and friend events like wedding and baptisms. When it’s time to pray, I respectively bow my head and close my eyes like everyone else, and just wait until it’s over. No big deal.

It’s all live and let live, for me.

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