That’s right, I said it. Not Pro-Choice. But Pro-Abortion. Clearly, unequivocally, and unapologetically. I believe that it should be legal in all 50 states, with no restrictions for adult women. No required “waiting periods,” no being forced (against their will) to have an ultrasound first. No being required to notify their husbands if they’re married, first. Nothing like that. And it should be covered on all Health Insurance plans, whether or not the employer personally objects to it.

The only restriction I support is parental consent for minors. Because, well, they’re minors. But for adult women? It’s their bodies, not mine.

The thing is, I’m often bemused, as well as saddened, by many supposed abortion-rights activists, and liberals/progressives in general, who claim to support the right to get an abortion, but still insist on qualifying it by insisting that they’re just pro-CHOICE, that nobody is pro-abortion. Or the phrase I believe Bill Clinton coined: Abortions should be safe, legal, and rare.

See, I believe that when you insist on these qualifiers you are essentially conceding the point that abortion is somehow bad. You’re agreeing with the anti-abortion crowd that it’s a bad thing, just saying that it still should be the woman’s choice. And that’s a dangerous thing to do considering the way the Far Right and the courts have been cracking down on abortion in recent years, with more and more invasive laws, and restrictions on clinics and doctors who perform abortions. In many states it’s already effectively banned, since there’s nowhere to get one, after the clinics have been shut down due to excessive restrictions passed into local laws. We need to fight back harder, and take a firm stand.

I don’t have any problem with abortion. I do not think it’s bad. I think it’s good. It’s a good option for women to have, in addition to birth control, to stop unwanted babies from being born. Look, this planet and this nation has many problems, but risk of under-population is definitely not one of them. If a woman doesn’t want to give birth to a child then she should not give birth to a child. And I don’t care what her reason is. Whether she’s a broke young single woman who is struggling to pay her bills and can’t afford a child, or a financially secure happily married woman who just doesn’t want to spend the next 9 months getting fat because she’s worried that she won’t be able to lose all the weight and look good in a bikini after she gives birth. Whether she was on birth control and therefor didn’t expect to get pregnant, or if she was just stupid and didn’t think about birth control, had random unprotected sex and then got knocked up by some dude she met at a bar. I don’t care. It’s her body, her right to do it. Whether a woman has had one abortion or 12 abortions during her lifetime. If she’s actually using abortion as her means of birth control, I DON’T CARE. That does not change a thing, I still support her rights 100%.

So if you’re in favor of abortion rights, stop equivocating and apologizing, don’t half-ass it. Be Pro-Abortion and Proud.

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  1. Abortion should be safe and legal, but women and men need to see abortion for what it is, and treat their decision with some humility. You are ending a potential life, and not just any potential life; the potential life of your offspring.

    We all used to be fetuses, folks. It’s kind of hard for me not to be sympathetic towards the pro-life argument because of that fact.


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