Zorrita: Passion’s Avenger


This is film is from the year 2000, written by Louise Monclair and directed by Madison Monroe, it stars Shauna O’Brien in what is meant to be a parody of Zorro. Set in the past in some little Spanish or Mexican (it’s not clear) town (with an all-White cast, of course), Shauna stars as Bella. Bella is a young innocent woman from a smaller village who has just come to town to work as a household servant for a wealthy landowner who apparently runs the town. That is Jesse Coleman as the lecherous Lord Jeffery Trelaine. Nancy O’Brien plays Teresa, another young woman who to be a servant at the same time Bella is, and Katherine Kline plays Mrs. Delmarco, the older woman who hired them both and runs the household staff. While Bella and Teresa become fast friends, Mrs. Delmarco is mean to both of them. On her first day at the job Bella is in the home library and finds a book detailing the past exploits of a masked female bandit named Zorrita, who hasn’t been seen or heard from in many years. Lord Trelaine catches Bella reading it and dismisses the stories of Zorrita as mere folk tales.

Bella is “promised” to a poor young man named Paulo (Carlos Milano) who lives back in her old village. While talking to Teresa about him we learn that Bella and Paulo are waiting to have sex until they are married, and that Bella is still a virgin. Teresa says that Bella should gain some sexual experience before marrying or else she will never be able to satisfy Paulo. Bella disregards this advice, but it is important later.

One day while visiting him where he works as a blacksmith, they’re visited by Ricardo, the local tax collector (played by Morgan Daniel), who informs Paulo that he’s 3 months behind on his taxes and that if he doesn’t pay up soon he’ll have him arrested. After learning that many in the town are behind on their taxes and due to be arrested, Bella is compelled to don the identity of Zorrita (she was earlier shown to be a trained sword-fighter, but where she got the Zorrita costume is not explained). As Zorrita, she confronts Ricardo at night and steals back all of the tax money he’s taken. Then, taking Teresa’s advice about needing sexual experience, she “forces” Ricardo to have sex with her (taking off everything except her mask). Afterward she cuts an X in Ricardo’s chest (why an X instead of Z? That’s not explained either).

It’s around this time that Lord Tremaine’s wife Emma (played by Venessa Blair ) returns home from a shopping trip in Paris and it quickly becomes apparent that the Tremaines’ marriage is not a happy one. And Bella visits Emma in Emma’s room at night, dressed as Zorrita, and they have sex. Afterward, Emma decides to get a divorce and leave.

Lord Tremaine is enraged by this, as well as by the theft of the tax money, and becomes determined to catch Zorrita. Eventually having all of the women (except Bella and Teresa) in the town arrested, figuring that one of them must be Zorrita. Bella as Zorrita confronts him and gets the keys to free the women (after having sex with him too, because why not).

But Lord Tremaine isn’t done. He has Paulo framed for the murder of Ricardo and prepares to hang him, and when Bella tries to free him as Zorrita, Lord Tremaine’s guards ambush her, and Lord Tremaine, now knowing Bella’s true identity, prepares to have her killed too. How does Bella survive? Watch the film to find out! NO SPOILERS.

This is a fine little film. Not exactly a high-concept, but it’s enjoyable for what it is. It skips some details in order to move the plot forward, plus continuity lapses (after they have sex, Zorrita carves an X in Tremaine’s neck, but it’s gone in a later scene) but the cast does a good job, it’s shot well, and there is a bit of a twist at the end. Shauna O’Brien, as the leading actress, carries the film quite well. The thing that was always impressive about her was how easily should could play either a shy innocent woman or a scheming vixen. In this film she’s a bit of both, as Bella is the innocent while Zorrita is the vixen. And while I always thought she looked better pre-boob job, when she had her small natural breasts, she’s still hot with the big fake ones, which she has in this film.

As for the sex scenes, there are six in total. In addition to the three already  mentioned, there’s also a scene between Shauna O’Brien and Carlos Milano, and a scene between Jesse Coleman and Nancy O’Brien (which is the best sex scene in this film in my opinion). Plus there’s one more, I don’t want to say who the woman is, as it could be perceived as a bit of a spoiler, but the man in the scene is Steven Ginsburg, and it is a hot one. Madison Monroe directs the scenes very well, they’re all shot slow and romantically with soft music playing. I would have liked one more scene, a lesbian scene with Shauna and Nancy. The two ladies are shown sleeping in the same bed several times, so it seems like it would have been relatively easy to transition to a sex scene at some point. Still, altogether Zorrita is well-made movie with beautiful women, so it is worth your time. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS


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