LIFE ON TOP episode 8: First Date

Brandin Rackley and Brad Spencer

Recently a reader on Reddit reminded me that I never finished my reviews of this series. Well, it’s about time I rectify that error. So here we are with episode 8, “First Date,” written by Jess Roman, based on the novel Life on Top by Clara Darling, and directed by James Michaels.

The main storyline focuses on Sophia (Mary LeGault), who after having quit her job in the previous episode, now spends most of her free time playing poker online. At first it was just for fun, using fake money. But now she’s trying it for real, and on her first night we see her being quite successful, as she started with $100 and turned it into $2000. She goes on a date with a new man named Tai (Tim Fellingham) and, although she’s really attracted to him and they have a great time, she resists the urge to sleep with him on the first date. When he comes to pick her up for a second date, he finds out about her online gambling and tries to encourage her to do it professionally. In the ending scene, he calls her late at night, telling her he’s at a poker club and tries to convince her to come meet him there and join in, but she feels like she’s not ready and declines.

Maya (Krista Ayne) is at the gym and sees D (Clayton Cannon), whom she broke up with last episode, flirting with some new woman and, in a bout of jealousy, she seduces the gym’s yoga instructor (Ryan Michael Oman) for some hot revenge sex.

Bella (Heather Vandeven) is back at Life on Top magazine, where she critiques some pictures she took, and Vincent (Danny Crawford) is impressed with her observations, saying not many models can be that critical of their own work. This leads to Bella contemplating the idea of becoming a photographer herself. And later Mr. and Mrs. Parker (Colin Lawrence and Angela Nicholas), last scene in episode 2, show up at her apartment for another threesome, although this time Bella also makes a point to take control of the video camera to film the action.

Regina (Brandin Rackley) goes out to a club by herself, having called the other girls to join her but they’re all busy.  After spending most of the night getting hit on by losers, she finally strikes up a match with a nameless man, credited only as “Guy At Bar” (played by Brad Spencer), and has sex with him in the empty lounge.

Strangely, Cassia (Mia Presley) is absent from this episode, even though she is credited on IMDB for it.  It seems Regina took her place as the 4th co-lead for this one.  Not that I’m complaining, of the three sex scenes (plus there’s a solo shower masturbation scene with LeGault) I’d say that her’s is the hottest.

Rewatching this today reminded me how much I enjoyed this series, it was truly one of the best softcore TV series of the 2000s, with its gorgeous cast of ladies and, most importantly, its compelling ongoing storylines. It’s like Sex And The City, but with even more sex.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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