O.C. Confidential

Written and directed by Janine Gosselin (who has quite an extensive mainstream career as script supervisor, including currently working on She-Hulk), this 2011 film is notable because it stars a cast made up almost entirely of hardcore porn stars. That includes Jack Venice, who was convicted of rape in 2008 and paroled in 2017. So this film must have been made before 2008 but, for some reason, didn’t get released until 3 years later. I did check to see if maybe this was a hardcore film that had been edited for a softcore release, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Nevertheless, it feels like it would have made more sense as a hardcore movie, as the “plot” here is pretty bare, even for softcore, as it’s basically just “a bunch of college kids spend summer break getting laid.”

Jack plays Kevin, a typical “nice guy”, madly in love with his girlfriend Vanessa, whom he met in college and is planning to spend the summer with her in Orange County. Johnny Castle plays his friend Dillon, a stereotypical fratboy type. Dillon has a girlfriend named Candy (Hannah Harper) who is good-looking and rich. But he makes it clear to Kevin that he intends to spend the summer getting laid as much as possible, and he tries to encourage Kevin to forget about Vanessa and join him at his parent’s beach house, which Kevin has to himself as his parents are away. Kevin declines at first, but then Vanessa calls him and dumps him for another guy, so he’s left heartbroken and ends up moving in with Dillon, who dumps Candy, to begin their summer of debauchery.

In another house on the beach, we see friends Priscilla and Desi, played by Cassie Courtland and Shanna Steele. It’s Priscilla’s house and Desi is her friend from college who is staying with her for the summer. Desi is single and not too happy, and Priscilla tries to convince her to go out and meet guys but all Desi wants to do is stay in and read romance and novels. So right there it seems like this is going to be the intersecting story, broken-hearted Kevin meets lonely Desi and they find true romance…except that doesn’t happen. MINOR SPOILER ALERT. They never even meet. And Desi doesn’t really do anything in this film. She has two sex scenes, both fantasy sequences. Franco Del Toro plays Fabian, the cover model of the romance novels that Desi reads. She fantasizes about having sex with him and Priscilla together and then later on just with Fabian.

Charmane Star plays Marina, she’s Dillion’s family’s maid, while also studying for community college. She’s known Dillon her whole life, her mother used to be the maid, and the two of them don’t get along. She looks down at him and his womanizing ways. At one point she admits to Kevin that used to have a crush on Dillon, before she realized what a pig he is.

So again I think I know where this story is going to go, eventually Dillon will realize that Marina is the perfect girl for him and give up his womanizing ways for her…except that that doesn’t happen either. Which makes you wonder what was the point of even bringing up that fact?

Dillon met Priscilla and got her to agree to a double date of him and Kevin with her and Desi. Except when Priscilla tells Desi, Desi declines. So Priscillas asks another friend named Nikki, who is played by Cherokee, to take her place.

While they’re out on this date, Candy shows up and tries to question Marina about what Dillon is up to. And, since this is a softcore film, this somehow ends up with the two of them having sex.

Kevin and Nikki hit it off and go off to her place to have sex. Dillon takes Priscilla back to his place. But Marina is there and manages to warn Priscilla about what a pig Dillon is, so they decide to trick him. Priscilla convinces Dillon to let him tie him to his bed, thinking she’s just kinky, but after she ties him up she makes him watch as she and Marina have sex in front of him, and then she just leaves him there.

Then Kevin comes on to Marina and they have sex, and spend the rest of the summer together. Desi leaves to go back to school, and Priscilla meets a new neighbor named Francois (the actor is not credited in this film) and they have sex and start dating. Candy calls Dillon’s mother who comes back to, I guess, get him in trouble? It’s never clear what the problem is, I mean he is an adult. But this leads to Dillon reluctantly dating Candy again.

The film ends with a montage and credits that reveal what happens to all of the main characters after that.

So there’s no real coherent plot here, but the actors all do the best with what they’re given and are pretty convincing in their roles. And best of all the 8 full sex scenes that we get (there’s also a solo shower scene of Hannah Harper) are all very good, and convincing, that’s usually the major benefit to casting hardcore stores in these films, they know how to make the sex scenes look real. So it’s not a classic but is worth a watch.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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