Forbidden Desires

Released in 2006, this film is another “greatest hitscompilation film. This is where the studio takes a bunch of sex scenes from previously released films or TV shows and put them together, filming a few new scenes as a framing device in order to create a “new” film. In this instance, all of the old scenes are taken from Kama Sutra, which was a softcore TV series that debuted in the year 2000 and lasted for one season which consisted of 15 episodes.

The series starred Tamara Landry as Dalia who was some kind of sex therapist/Madam. I don’t think it was exactly clear what her profession was, it depended on which episode you were watching. The episodes typically involved some person or couple coming to her with their sexual problems and her coaching them through it, and this sometimes involved her arranging for them to have sex either with each other or other partners, in her large spacious home. So, all in all, it was pretty typical of such fare of that era.

15 sex scenes from various episodes are showcased here, most of which are b/g, except for one threesome scene that features Shauna O’Brien and Michelle Von Flotow with Jarod Carey.
Shauna is also in two other scenes, one with Ciro Cascone and one with Tom Puite.
Cascone also appears in a scene with Tess Broussard.
Regina Russell Banali and Timothy Stempien have two scenes together.
Lisa Jones and Lisa Throw each have one scene, I’m not absolutely certain about who the men in each scene are.
Susan Featherly and Mia Zottoli are also in two scenes each, not sure about the men there either, but who really cares?
And John McCafferty is in three scenes, one with Peggy Trentini, one with Vanessa Chandler, and one with Dina Marie Vannoni.

The scenes are all well-shot, I believe Rebecca Lord aka R. Lord directed most of the scenes if you were a softcore fan at the time you’d recognize her name and thus know what to expect from her scenes. The threesome is my personal favorite.

Softcore stalwarts April White and Edward Gorsuch write the framing sequence, which is directed by Victor Dubanai. Angela Nicholas and Matt Dalpiaz/Joe Souza star as Diana and Merrick, a couple of writers for an unnamed soap opera, along with Tabitha Stevens, Marc Allen, and Susan Hale/Darby Daniels as Nikki, Jack, and Tracy, three actors on the show.

Nikki and Jack are playing a couple on the show, but the two of them don’t like each other in real life and both complain that they don’t think their characters should be a couple on the show, either. Jack thinks his character should be with Tracy’s character. But Angela is the one who is writing their storyline and tries to convince them why it makes sense and to go along with it. But Merrick takes Nikki’s side, as he and Diana often clash over storylines on the show (plus he’s having an affair with Nikki). So all five are in this mansion, where I guess they were rehearsing (it’s referred to as a “set” but there are no other cast or crew around), and as they argue about the storylines they start talking about earlier storylines involving other actors and characters on the show, and that’s what the old scenes are presented as, flashbacks.

As a premise for this type of film, it’s not bad, as all it needs to do is provide a natural way to inset the old scenes, which it does. It could have been fleshed out a little more, as I noted we don’t even get the name of the soap opera and, apparently, either the actors on the show have the same names as their characters, or insist on referring to themselves as their characters while they’re on set because they only call themselves Nikki, Jack and Tracy even when discussing their storylines. And we get four new sex scenes, shot specifically for this film. Tabitha Stevens has sex with Joe Souza and Marc Allen, and Marc Allen also has a scene with Angela Nicholas and Souza has a scene with Darby Daniels.

My only regret is that there wasn’t more of Angela Nicholas in this film. 20 hot sex scenes in an hour and twenty-minute film, with a good-looking cast. That definitely makes this film worth watching for softcore fans. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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