Hollywood’s Hidden Lives

Written and directed by John Quinn, this 2001 film from Indigo Entertainment stars Brad Bartram and Angela Nicholas as Frank and Stephanie, a rich married couple with a specific kink, they’re voyeurs. They like to watch other people have sex. The way they indulge in this kink is that they have a nice guest house that they rent out, and they have hidden video cameras installed inside it so they can watch what’s happening inside it from their own house. 

This is highly illegal behavior, of course, don’t try it in real life.

I’ll note that from the start Stephanie seems slightly less enthusiastic about it, at least she questions Frank about continuing it, but as he points out she always gets into it when they start watching. The film opens with them watching their most recent tenant, a man played by T.J. Cummings, having sex with a woman played by Mia Smiles, and we get a clear shot of T.J.’s flaccid penis at the start, which I mention because that’s unusual in typical softcore productions, so if that’s something you’re interested in then you’ll be happy. Apparently, the man moves out soon after, as Frank tells Stephanie that his new plan is to advertise the house as being free for newlywed married couples, because the last guy was “lucky to get laid maybe three times a month”, but newlyweds screw all the time, so he and Stephanie will have plenty to watch if such a couple movies in.

Again, Stephanie raises some token objection but Frank convinces her by also making a bet about the two of them seducing the couple, her going after the husband and him going after the wife, to see who could succeed faster. So I guess they’re swingers too, although it’s not clear if they’ve been active before this.

Evan Kennsington stars as David, an aspiring but broke screenwriter who’s just been kicked out of his apartment for overdue rent and has taken to sleeping in his car. Kimber Lynn plays Madeline, a “country girl” who caught her fiance (Fred Mercuri) cheating on her with her best friend (a woman credited as Naked Nicole) and left him and moved out to L.A. to pursue her dream of being an actress. Through some random coincidences, Brad and Madeline end up attending the same acting workshop, but although they don’t hit it off at first, they take the suggestion of Brad’s friend Brian (Jason Schnuit) to pose as a married couple so they can get that guest-house for free. 

The deception works, and there’s your set-up for the rest of the film. Frank and Stephanie try to manipulate and spy on David and Madeline while the latter couple tries to hide the fact that they’re not really married. Of course David and Madeline start to develop real feelings for each other, but neither one want to admit it. 

Also Frank is a successful Hollywood film producer, which puts him in a position to help both Brad and Madeline’s careers. 

While there is some promise in the story, the truth is it’s somewhat predictable, at least if you’re someone like me who’s seen a lot of these movies. So, yeah, SPOILER ALERT, in the end, all the schemes are revealed, David and Madeline reveal their feelings to each other and become a couple, with Frank and Stephanie (who’ve given up their voyeuristic ways) producing a movie written by David and starring Madeline, that makes them all successful. And they all live happily ever after. THE END.

So there’s nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s an enjoyable film. The cast is great. Nicholas and Bartram are two of my favorite softcore performers of their era, and they do a great job in their roles here. Kimber Lynn and Evan Kennsington were newer, this was her second professional role and only his first, but they both did well and had great chemistry with each other. And we do get 11 hot sex scenes.

There’s a FFM threesome with Brad Bartram, Nina Ferrari and Teanna Kai (the ladies play a couple of aspiring actresses that Frank promises work to).
A lesbian scene between Kimber Lynn and Dee Baker. And Kimber Lynn also has a solo shower masturbation scene. 
The rest are B/G scenes.
Kimber Lynn with Evan Kennsington. Angela Nicholas with Brad Bartram twice and once with Kennsington. Naked Nicole and Frank Mercuri. The aforementioned scene of TJ Cummings and Mia Smiles, and April Flowers and Jason Schnuit have two scenes together. 

A good movie, softcore fans will love this. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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