LIFE ON TOP episode 9: Blame It On Brazil

Krista Ayne, Mary LeGault, Mia Presley 

Written by Joey Savage (based on the novel by Clara Darling) and directed by Amanda Goodwin, “Blame It On Brazil” opens with Sophie (Mary LeGault) and Bella (Heather Vandeven) at a salon where Svetlana (Olimpia Olari) is giving Bella a Brazilian wax. Sophie is getting ready for her third date with Tai (Tim Fellingham) and Bella tells her that the 3rd date is when you’re supposed to have sex. Sophie insists she’s not planning that, but nevertheless lets Bella convince her to get her first Brazilian wax as well.

Tai surprises Sophie by taking her to a poker club and convincing her to join a game, which Sophie ends up winning. She’s so happy afterward that they rush outside and start having sex in the ally behind the club, before rushing back to her place to finish it.

Next we see Sophie with Bella, Maya (Krista Ayne) and Cassia (Mia Presley) in a sauna (all naked, of course) as Sophie tells them all about the date, and how great the sex was with Tai, it was the best she ever had, and they even had simultaneous orgasms, another first for her. Put poor Maya complains about her dead sex life. Even though we saw her having hot sex with her yoga instructor last episode, now she says she can’t even orgasm when she masturbates. In this episode she picks up “Dude At Coffee Shop”, only credited as “Dude” here, whom she had sex with in episode 2 and has sex with him again at her place. Dude is once again played by Brandon Ruckdashel, and even though the sex looks hot on screen, Maya says she didn’t get off with him either. Her friends try to convince her to go back to the gym to train with D again, but she hesitates.

Maya does go back to the gym and D (Clayton Cannon) approaches her while she’s hitting a punching bag and tries to talk to her, but she’s not receptive.

Bella joins Vincent (Danny Crawford) at a photo shoot, where’s shooting a group of models. He lets Bella pick up a camera and take some pics too. Later he goes over the pictures she took, pointing out the flaws in most of them that she needs to work on, but there is one that is almost good enough for the magazine and encourages her to keep practicing because she shows a lot of potential.

Even though he does highly flirt with her, she doesn’t take it seriously. She invites Tom (Gunner Wright), the wealthy man she let finger her in episode one, over to her apartment and has sex with him.

Once again, the character of Cassia is kind of underutilized. There’s a brief scene of her, Sophie, and Bella, checking out a building she intends to buy to start her restaurant, but that’s it.

Sill, overall it was another satisfying episode that I enjoyed. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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