Okay, I know my faithful readers are getting bored with me going on and on and on about my problems with Twitter. Time to turn this blog back to what it’s best known for: reviews! Starting with some good wholesome softcore porn!

Written and directed by Dean McKendrick, this film stars (former?) adult film star Mary Carey as Miss Compton (no first name is ever given), head of programming at a small little TV station, which is failing in the ratings. Alexandre Boisvert (aka Voodoo) stars as Brad, who hosts a late-night show on the network called Hoax Hunters (a spoof on shows like Myth-busters). The ratings for his show are bad, but Miss Compton can’t fire him because his uncle Mark (Tony Marino, using the name Billy Chappell) is Vice President of the network. Brad is desperate to find a way to improve the show, because he wants to be a success on his own without having people think he only has the job because of his uncle. Brad gets his girlfriend Stacy (Jazy Berlin) and her friend Brenda (Beverly Lynne) to try to help him. Stacy joins the show as his assistant, to try to add sex appeal to the show, and Brenda designs new sexy outfits for them to wear on camera. Unbeknownst to them, Miss Compton is secretly plotting to sabotage all of their efforts to improve the show, because she wants the ratings to become so terrible that she’ll be able to fire Brad without his uncle stopping her. Eric Masterson plays Joey, an intern that works at the studio as a cameraman and director, and is reluctantly enticed by Miss Compton to help her in her plan.

So that’s the basic plot. I don’t spoil how it turns out (not that anybody really watches these types of films for the “plot”), but lets just say that Brad’s plan ends up involving beautiful women getting topless on screen. Also joining the cast is Christine Nguyen as Mindy, a woman who applies for a job reading the news at the station, after getting turned on by watching the channel at home. The film gives us several good sex scenes. Mary Carey gets two, one with Masterson and another with Marino. Nguyen also gets two, one with Chad White, who plays her boyfriend (Jason) and then another with Marino. Jazy Berlin and Boisvert get one scene together, and Berlin also has a separate scene of her taking a shower. And Beverly Lynne gets a scene with Masterson. And all of the woman also have extra scenes where they get topless.

All of the scenes are good, it’s a great cast. Nguyen and Lynne in particular are softcore veterans, while Carey and Berlin are no slouches either. And the men are all capable (no doubt helped by the fact that they have experience in hardcore films), making each scene look as realistic as possible. If I had a complaint it would be that we didn’t get a single lesbian scene, or at least a threesome. It looked like we might have gotten one with Lynne and Berlin, but that didn’t happen. It’s a short film, just about and hour and 15 minutes, but it’s very good for what it is.


Available on AMAZON

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