Hotel Erotica Cabo episode 7: Chocolate Covered Cherries

Divini Rae

Written by D.B. Brooks and directed by Gary Dean Orona, this episode opens with the hotel in a state of disarray. Due to a previous computer mix-up and some high turnovers in staff, the Hotel Erotica has more guests than it has rooms for that weekend, and Corrine (Divini Rae) is scrambling to find alternate accommodations for everyone. Both Corrine and Amanda (Kimberly Fisher) give up their own rooms for guests, while they stay in a small bungalow that belongs to one of their newer employees, a man named Ponio (Clayton Cannon), for the weekend. Ponio is friendly and hardworking, and both women find him attractive but resolve not to act on it. Another new employee who just starts that weekend is Katia (Rita Solvia), a Russian immigrant whose family is in the business of growing and selling chocolate-covered strawberries. Katia has brought some of them with her and leaves them on the pillows in the guest rooms when she cleans them.  She also passes them out to the other employees and says that they tend to arouse people who eat them. This is shown to work on Corrine and Amanda as each woman has s vivid fantasy of having sex with Ponio. But nothing happens in real life, as they find out in the end that Ponio has a girlfriend, plus Corrine says it would be unprofessional as he is an employee (no mention is made of Corrine having sex with her boss, Amanda’s father, last episode).

Angela Nicholas and Mark Fleischauer play Anna and Chet, two of the guests at the hotel that weekend. They’re not together, Anna is a writer there to work on her latest book (and study of the intersection of feminism and Hinduism) and Chet is some kind of musician who has a keyboard with him to work on his music. The two don’t get off to the greatest start, as their rooms are next to each other and Anna complains that Chet’s keyboard-playing is distracting her. But (spoiler alert) after a couple of encounters and trying the cherries, the two end up having sex).

In addition to the three sex scenes mentioned there is a scene with Clayton Cannon and Christy Patrick, who returns this episode, playing an unnamed woman although there’s no reason why she couldn’t be the same woman she played in the previous episode. All four scenes are amazing, because the woman are all gorgeous, and they’re well-shot. This makes it one of the better episodes of this series. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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  1. The Hotel Erotica Cabo episode reviews are great thanks. Can you please tell me who Amanda’s father is and who plays him?


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