SIN CITY DIARIES episode 11: Boss’s Daughter

Written by Sandy Travis and directed by John Quinn, this episode has Angelica, Matthew and Sasha hired by Mr. Weaver (Bill O’Neill), a businessman who owns his own lawn-care equipment company. He’s in Vegas for the annual Lawn Care Expo convention. Sarah Blake plays his daughter Veronica, the Chief Financial Officer for his company, and Joel Halpern is Clark, an executive for the company. Veronica and Clark are dating, but Mr. Weaver doesn’t approve and wants to break them up. He’s especially worried because Veronica and Clark have checked in together to the Honeymoon Suite in their hotel, so he thinks it’s a sign that they’re planning to elope while in town. Mr. Weaver mentions how he once drove away one of Veronica’s exes, because the man was broke, and that it’s something Veronica’s never forgiven him for, and that’s why he doesn’t want to publicly oppose Veronica’s relationship with Clark. And Angelica and her team agree to do what they can.

Later, while Clark and Mr. Weaver are having drinks in the hotel bar, Clark asks Mr. Weaver for his permission to marry Veronica, which Mr. Weaver reluctantly gives him. But Veronica happens to overhear the conversation and, for some reason, is upset by this, saying she doesn’t want to be “traded like a horse”, so she leaves and takes a taxi, saying she just wants to go somewhere where “nobody owns me.”

Clark returns to his suite and finds a letter from Veronica waiting for him, saying she’s breaking up with him. He seems dejected, but it’s unclear if it’s real heartbreak or just because he thinks this may hurt his career as we see him saying “just as I was about to make Vice President.”

He then hires two “escorts”¬† (played by Skylar Evans and Vera Miranda) to have a threesome.

Meanwhile, Veronica has gone to a fancy restaurant to eat and is surprised to find her ex-boyfriend Jay (Christopher Julian Limon) there. He joins her table and they catch up. They reminisce and quickly realize that they still have mutual feelings for each other. There are a couple of twists in the end that I guess I won’t spoil, other than the obvious that the happy couple is reunited.

There are four sex scenes, Sarah Blake has one with Joel Halpern and two with Christopher Julian Limon and there’s the aforementioned threesome scenes, which is the highlight of the episode, in my opinion. But the story was pretty weak, and nobody was winning any acting awards for their performances. This was a decent but mostly forgettable episode of this series. Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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