SIN CITY DIARIES episode 10: Good Enough To Eat

I know it’s been a while, but it’s time to continue reviewing episodes of this softcore series, which lasted for one season back in 2007. And what a great episode to resume on, as it stars one of my all-time favorite softcore actresses: Christine Nguyen!

Written by Anthony L. Greene and directed by Sam Melo, this episode centers around a woman named Jenna (Christine), she’s a successful chef from Baton Rouge who is in Vegas for the 5th annual Gourmet Challenge. This is where three chefs compete in a series of cooking competitions with the winner becoming the owner of a new restaurant in town, that will be named after them. We learn that three years ago Jenna caught her fiance cheating on her and was heartbroken and hasn’t dated anyone since. Angelica (Amber Smith) thinks that even though Jenna’s priority is the competition it’s more important for Jenna to finally get over her ex-fiance’s betrayal so that she can move on with her life, and she puts Matthew (Justin Lopez) in charge of making that happen.

Amy Lindsay and James O’Shea play Margot and Nikolaos, the other two chefs who are in town for the competition. It turns out that Jenna and Nikolaos already know each other as they’ve been long-distance platonic friends for years (Nikolaos is from Chicago), and he once did try to date her but she rejected him because of her past heartbreak. Angelica and Sasha (Elena Talan) think this is the perfect opportunity to get those two together and convince Jenna to give Nikolaos another chance, but it’s quickly apparent that Margot has her eyes on Nikolaos too, so Matthew tries to keep her away from him. Even though Nikolaos and Margot do hook up, he realizes that Jenna is the one he still wants, but she hesitates until she sees him reject Margot for her and realizes that she can trust him. 

But wait..even with Jenna and Nikolaos together, what about the contest? Who wins, and how will that affect their new relationship?!? 

That I won’t spoil, except to say that this episode comes to a satisfying conclusion. 

And before that, we get four full sex scenes. Amy Lindsay has one with James O’Shea and one with Justin Lopez.  Christine has one with O’Shea. And there’s a scene with Jayden Scott, who plays Jenna’s ex-fiance Tony, and Vivian Chase, who plays the woman that he cheated with. There’s also a very brief scene of Christine and Jayden, but it’s just a brief flashback scene to establish that they were together. I would have liked a little more of Christine in that regard, which would be my only complaint, but Amy Lindsay was also one of my favorite softcore actresses, so I’m more than happy with the two scenes we get of her. So this was a well-acted and well-shot episode that I’d say is one of my favorites or this series.
Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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