SIN CITY DIARIES episode 9: Portrait

Written by Doug Miller and directed by John Quinn, this episode has Amber Smith taking center stage, as it focuses on Angelica reconnecting with an old flame, a man named Hayden, played by Landen Cole.

We discover that Angelica used to be a model, and Hayden was a photographer. The episode opens with a flashback from 5 years earlier, where Hayden is taking pictures of Angelica is home studio. The pictures include her posing nude. Then the episode jumps forward to the present, where they two have met again, as we learn that Angelica ghosted Hayden after that photo-session. Now he’s an art dealer who owns his own studio, and the sparks are still fflying between them. The conflict comes because Angelica begins to suspect that Hayden is involved in some kind of illegal activities and isn’t sure if she can trust him.

I won’t say more about the story, there’s definitely some mystery going on, as we wait to see if Angelica’s suspicions are correct. But it’s the fact that Angelica gets the lead story that makes this episode stand out in this series, and makes me wish that this had been a more regular occurance on this series, as she showed some natural acting talent that should have been cultativated more. Plus, of course, she was drop dead gorgeous. In addition to the early photoshoot scene where she get topless and poses provacatively for the camera, she has two hot sex scenes with Landen Cole.

Also completing the episode are two sex scenes featuring softcore veteran Beverly Lynn, who plays Hayden’s assistant, and Paul Gunn, who plays the mysterious client, Michael. Amber Smith and Beverly Lynn in one episode? How could you not love this?!?

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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