Tarot, Witch Of The Black Rose #130

The title of this story, written and drawn by creator Jim Balent, is “Halloween Massacre.”  It’s Halloween and Tarot is investigating a party gone wrong. The guests were playing with a ouija board, they were trying to contact the spirits of the actors who played the old Universal horror monsters, but they ended up conjuring the actual monsters instead. Tarot then finds herself in a brutal battle with a werewolf, a vampire, a mummy, and the creature from the Black Lagoon.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Jon, still suffering from the effects of his time in limbo, which has left his body frail and old, tells Raven about a time years ago, before he met her and Tarot, when he went to comic-book convention and met some of his favorite creators, including Holly Golightly and Jim Balent, and then has an encounter on the street where he teamed up with Catwoman to stop a drug deal.

Of course, they never actually say the name Catwoman or show her in full costume, but it’s a fun little meta-story since Jim Balent used to draw the Catwoman comic for DC.

This was a nice one-off adventure, it’s pretty violent during the fight scenes, with lots of blood guts. It’s also heavy on the nudity, Raven and Tarot are shown naked for no reason, the mummy in this issue is a sexy female showing quite a bit of her body, and as mentioned “Catwoman” also gets naked and in lingerie. So, in other words, it’s got everything we want from this series!
Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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