NORAH’S SAGA season 1, episode 4

It’s been…awhile, since the previous issue of this series was released, but it’s finally back!

Our hero Norah was left in a bad position when we last saw her, as she and her traveling companions/guardians, Nandor and Astrid, had survived several deadly threats, including a giant troll, to make it to the boat they need to reach the Fossegrim (a magical water spirit) so that Norah can use her smartphone (which is running out of battery power) to record the special song it plays on its violin which is supposedly the only way she can open a portal to return to the present, only for  the boat to be destroyed at the last minute. Now all hope seemed lost. But is it?

Well, not according to Loki. Yes, THE Loki makes his debut in this issue, and offers Norah’s help in the form of an alternate path to the Fossegrim’s location. This leads to a quest that takes several days and nights in the snow and freezing cold, and other supernatural obstacles that get threaten to derail Norah’s mission. And can you even trust the literal God of Mischief anway?!?

Meanwhile there are scenes sent in the present day, at at archeological site in Canada where discoveries are made that indicate that Norah’s actions in the past are affecting the present. And this all leads to  the most shocking cliffhanger of this series so far.

Blake Northcott once again writes a thrilling and dramatic tale. I love how she portrays Norah as a girl who’s very smart for her age but we also see that sometimes her attitude gets the better of and she says things she shouldn’t (especially when arguing with a Norse God) which just makes things worse for her. Speaking of which, Blake’s take on Loki is also well done, he’s got the typical arrogance you’d expect of the traditonal mythological version of the diety, with a hint of the humor that readers who are primarily familiar with the modern pop culture MCU version will recognize.  And with the captivating artwork of Kelsey Shannon that makes Norah’s Saga a book that I eagerly await each issue (and hopefully I won’t have to wait too long again).

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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