SIN CITY DIARIES episode 8: To The Extreme

sin city diaries

Director John Quinn co-wrote this episode with N.D. French and Doug Miller, and it focuses on the world of mixed martial arts.

Dave Jackson stars as Kane, a down-on-his luck fighter trying to get back to the top of the MMA world, with hopes of scoring a contract with a major extreme fighting league. Dominic Renda is Kane’s manager Julius, who makes it clear that he doesn’t give a damn about Kane’s well-being, he just wants to make as much off of him as he can. To that end he encourages Kane to get on steroids’, something Kane had struggled with in the past, in order to get his edge back so he can start winning fights again. Gizele Mendez is Kane’s loving wife Carmen, who wants Kane to get away from Julius, but Julius has Kane stuck under contract.

Geoff Schulyer plays Charlie, a young fighter who is friends with Angelica and Matthew (Amber Smith and Justin Lopez) who bring him to the gym Kane works out at, in hopes of getting him ready for the pros. The gym owner assigns Charlie a trainer, a woman named Maria (played by Molinee Green), who happens to be Charlie’s ex-girlfriend. That relationship apparently didn’t end well, although neither can agree on who dumped who.

Can Kane get out of his contract with Julius without risking his health and his career?

Can Charlie and Maria work together despite their history?


No spoilers except to say that the storylines converge in a way that works naturally. And there is some good MMA action in this episode, so fans of that will be happy.

We get our customary four sex scenes. Two between Jackson and Mendez, the first of which is the highlight of the episode in my opinion, one between Schulyer and Green, and one between Dominic Renda and Jassie, who plays Julius’ assistant.

Story-wise, it’s one of the better written episodes of the series, and with the hot sex scenes, I’d call this one of the best episodes overall. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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