I’m just going to say right at the start that this is an odd movie. It came out in 2006 but I only heard of it last month when someone posted a clip from one of the sex scenes on the Softcore nights forum on Reddit, so I looked it up. The plot description on IMDB is:

When Jack and Sonny take a trip to the beach, she expects her husband to leave his work behind. But he didn’t get the memo and spends their vacation on the phone for business. She takes a walk, and meets another couple, Mike and Tina, on the beach. Tina thinks she can solve their marital problems with the help of a video camera and the invention of a special club.

So I’m thinking, okay, so this is the story of one married couple teaching another married couple how to spice up their sex life by videotaping themselves? Maybe the couples swap sex tapes and watch each other? That sounds like it could be an interesting plot for a softcore film. But now I’ve seen the movie and it’s nothing like that at all. First, there’s only one couple in this film, but they’re not married, and nobody is filming any videos in it. So the title doesn’t fit the actual plot at all!

It looks like this film is from Torchlight Pictures, my DVD doesn’t say so although it does say it’s “A Francie Locke Production” in the credits, and Locke was a frequent writer/director for that studio. I’ve noted before that this studio has an uneven track record when it comes to softcore films, in my opinion.  It’s written by Jason Crean and directed by Bill Fisher and stars Heidi Kline and Jeff Bay as Sunny and Jack (although the end-credits list his character’s name as Jeff too), a couple who are dating,  we don’t know for how long but it appears to be serious. They arrive at a hotel at some beach resort for a vacation, but it quickly becomes clear that this couple has problems. As soon as they check in to their room Jack is on his phone talking to someone at his job about work. Sunny complains that Jack is always working and never has time for her and she’d hoped that this vacation would finally be his time to relax. But he argues back that his job is important and it’s how he makes money to support her.

So as Jack is on the phone in the hotel Sunny goes out to sit by the pool alone. While laying out in her bikini she sees a man looking at her and she fantasizes about having sex with him by the pier. Then the man comes over and introduces himself to her, his name is Mike (played by Frank Mercantini). They strike up a conversation and Mike offers to “show her around” but Sunny declines because of her relationship with Jack. Still, she and Jack continue to argue because he just can’t stop working. Even when they go to dinner that night, he’s on the phone. Sunny runs into Mike a couple of more times, she even introduces him to Jack who acts suspicious of him, but Sunny keeps rebuffing Mike’s offers to hang out.

Later, Mike meets a woman named Tina (Mindy Vega) at a bar. They start flirting pretty heavily and end up back at Mike’s hotel room and have sex. Meanwhile Sunny and Jack have another fight and Sunny decides to leave him. She goes to Mike’s room, just looking for someone to talk to, and is surprised when finds Tina there, but Tina invites her to stay and talk, and then at Tina’s initiation the three of them have sex. Afterward Sunny goes back to her and Mike’s room, where Mike is already asleep and she gets into bed with him and sleeps too. The next morning she gets up before he does and goes out to the beach. When Mike wakes up he goes out to look for Sunny, but ends up running into Tina at the bar.

It’s at this point, about 55 minutes into the film (which is about an hour and 18 minutes long) that the sound for my DVD gets screwed up. Suddenly I can longer hear any dialog, just music playing. I’ll note that the sound is a bit “off” during my entire DVD, the voices of all the actors sound almost like they’re dubbed by other people. But with this new development, I could no longer follow the story exactly. All I can see is that after a brief conversation Jeff and Tina go to a hotel room to have sex. Afterward, Jeff goes back to Sunny and they apparently make up and have sex. And then we see them checking out of the hotel, seemingly happy as they prepare to leave, but at the last minute Tina shows up and she leaves with them. Literally, the three of them are all holding hands as they walk out of the hotel.


I don’t know what that’s about, or what happened to Mike. But I guess it’s supposed to be a happy ending. But the problem is, as I said, the “plot”, such as it is, doesn’t fit the description nor the film title. The acting by the four leads is mediocre, at best (none of them had much experience, according to IMDB). At least when it comes to the scenes requiring dialog. When it comes to the sex scenes, they all do a great job. They’re all attractive and the scenes are well-shot. There are only 5 scenes, but they’re of decent length, ranging from about 7 to 15 minutes. But even those aren’t enough for me to recommend this film too highly. I can only give it a Chacebook rating of THREE STARS

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