My Wife’s Secret Desires

Today I’m reviewing another film from Torchlight Pictures. This is a softcore studio who’s output has dissapointed me more often than not. Their films frequently have good premises, but but they just don’t put much effort into the scripts. And they often hire hardcore performers who aren’t that great at acting. Most of their films that are good are only saved by the quality of the sex scenes.

This film is from 2006 and is written and directed by Francis Locke. It stars Danny Pape (credited here as Gino Colletti) as Gilbert, as man who is on vacation at a beach (it’s not clear which coast) with his wife of three years, who is never named in this film (this is another common flaw of Torchlight Pictures, the lack of attention to details like that) . Nikki Loren plays the wife. Candy Manson plays Rita, a mysterious woman who comes and sits next to Gilbert while he’s sunning on the beach by himself. She takes off her swimsuit top and is very flirtatious towards him, but Gilbert nervously tries to avoid looking at her breasts. The wife shows up and Gilbert takes her back to her hotel room where she questions him about being attracted to Rita, but he assures her that he isn’t and the two of them have sex.

Next we see Rita back in her hotel room, where she’s with a woman named Linda (the actress is not credited, and I don’t recognize her) and they have sex.

The next day Gilbert is back sitting on the beach while his wife is at a nail salon. Rita sits down next to him again and strikes up a conversation. She then asks Gilbert to walk her back to her hotel room, where she seduces him and they have sex.

Then we see Gilbert and his wife back in their hotel room, where Gilbert is acting nervous and trying to hide, by telling his wife that he’s not feeling well and should just stay in their room. The wife says she’s got an appointment with Rita, who as it turns out is the hotel massuesse. So she leaves and then soon after that Lisa shows up in the room and she seduces Gilbert.

And we see the wife with Rita in Rita’s room and the two of them have sex.

And then when that’s over we see Rita, Gilbert, and the wife all together in their room, as Gilbert is shocked to discover that this whole thing was set-up by his wife who always fantasized about sharing him with another woman. And the three of them start making out but, for some reason, the film ends before we see an actual threesome. THE END.

So, again, the premise isn’t bad and could have been an interesting film with Gilbert trying to resist temptation multiple times and ending with the plot twist that this is what his wife wanted. But the script is just weak. Things just happen to progress from once sex scene to the next.

That being said, the sex scenes are all very good, and about twice as long as is usual for softcore sex scenes. So that alone makes the film worth watching, just skip through the dialog scenes. Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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