MY FRIEND’S HOT MOM: Clean Dirty Fun by Laura Lovecraft

Not to be confused with Naughty America’s popular website, this is a short story (29 pages) that I’m reviewing today, which is written by Laura Lovecraft. Our protagonist is Tom, he’s a 20 year old man who lives with his parents while attending college and also working at Walmart. He’s a bit down in the beginning, as he was recently dumped by his girlfriend. But Tom’s luck changes for the better one day when, as he’s driving home from a long day of school and work with nothing more than getting some rest on his mind, his best friend Joe calls and asks him for a favor, to go to Joe’s house and pick up a book Joe needs for school and take it to him. Tom reluctantly agrees, with the only good thing being that it’ll give him a chance to check out Joe’s mother, Karen.

Karen is a hot single 40-year old woman with long blonde hair, long legs, and big breasts. Karen’s sex appeal has long been a frequent topic among Tom and all of Joe’s friends for years, much to Joe’s chagrin, and since Joe told Tom that Karen might be out sunning by their pool Tom figures that at least he’ll get a chance to see her in a bikini. But when Tom arrives nobody answers, but Joe tells him where the spare key is hidden so he can go inside. Once Tom gets in, he hears Karen in the bathroom and can’t help but peek through the door where he sees Karen naked in the bathtub with a vibrator in her hand and he secretly watches while she begins to masturbate.

But then Karen catches Tom watching her.

But instead of being angry, Karen is turned on, and quickly proceeds to seduce the young man. What follows next is several hot pages of sex, as first Karen has Tom use the vibrator on her until she cums, then she blows him until he cums in her mouth, then she has him eat her out to another orgasm and then takes his newly-hard cock in her pussy from the front and behind until she has him shoot a big load all over her  tits. Laura Lovecraft paints a vivid picture in your head as she describes the action, it’s  almost like you are watching a Naughty America video, I could envision someone like Brandi Love playing Karen. And it’s helped by Karen’s stream of dirty talk during the encounter, as she really seems to get off on the fact that Tom is both half her age and her son’s best friend as well as the fact that they’re doing this behind his back. And it’s clear by the end that Karen doesn’t intend for this to be the last time that she and Tom get together.

This is a smoking hot older woman/younger man short story that will satisfy you while also leaving you wanting more. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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