MY FRIEND’S HOT MOM: After Midnight by Laura Lovecraft

LAURA LOVECRAFT - After Midnight

This is another short story (31 pages) from Laura Lovecraft in her My Friend’s Hot Mom series. This time our protagonist is Steve, a 19-year-old man who has just returned home from his first year in college. But his parents are just about to go away on a two-week cruise but don’t want to let Steve stay home alone during that time, so they were going to have him stay with his grandparents, which he isn’t looking forward to, but then he gets a last-minute surprise offer stay with his friend Mark and Mark’s mother, Melanie. Steve jumps at the chance not only because he likes hanging out with Mark, whom he’s known since they were freshmen in High School, but also because he’s always had a crush on Melanie. Melanie is described as being as tall thin brunette with long legs, a tight round ass, and small but firm and nice breasts. No exact age is given but she’s said to be “forty plus.” We learn that a few months earlier Melanie had divorced Mark’s father after discovering he’d been cheating on her, and since then she’s been pretty lonely and doesn’t do much.

When Steve arrives at their house he meets Melanie in the backyard as she’s working in her garden, and she’s very happy to see him and tell him she has a gift that she had wanted to give him at his going-away party the year before, but she missed it and made a big point of being mysterious about what the gift was but promised that she would give it to him later. Steve joins Mark in Mark’s bedroom where the two spend the rest of the day playing video games. But then after midnight while they’re both asleep (in the same room, two beds), Melanie sneaks in and begins playing with Steve’s cock. It turns out that the gift she wanted to give him is herself. Steven is initially resistant because she’s his best friend’s mom (and that friend is sleeping in a bed in the same room), but he gives in when he starts blowing him. After a little foreplay she leads him to her bedroom to continue.

The rest of the story is all hot dirty sex. Once again Laura Lovecraft excels in the way she writes the sex in vivid detail. Much like the character of Karen in the previous short story, Melanie is specifically turned on by the status of the two of them, and repeatedly mentions being Steve’s best friend’s mother as they’re having sex. She blows him, has him go down on her, and rides him to climax. She lets him know that she intends to have sex with him many more times while he’s staying with them, and then even after his parents come back she’ll be expecting him to come by whenever Mark’s not around to fuck her again. And she promises that on his last day before he goes back to college she’ll let him fuck her in the ass as a going-away present.

I’ll admit, the premise is hot but the actual set-up where they have sex while Mark is home and sleeping felt a little unrealistic to me, and why would Melanie be reckless enough to take that kind of risk of getting caught, when they could wait until Mark left the next morning (it was established earlier that he had a job and started early) and have the whole house to themselves? I guess it that was done to show exactly how horny Melanie was, that she just couldn’t wait to fuck Steve?

Oh well, it’s porn, we don’t read that for total “realism” do we?

For fans of erotic stories about horny older women and hunky younger men, Laura Lovecraft has come through with a story that’s sure to please. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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