A Housewife Named Candy

This 2006 film is from Torchlight Pictures. It’s written by Anora Leachim and directed by Francis Locke. The stars are Nicole Oring and Joelean. They play two longtime friends who used to be wild party girls together in their younger years. Nicole is Candy, who is still carefree and wild, she’s a member of a rock band. Joelean is Nora, who is settled down and married. The film opens with the two of them reminiscing about their past, Candy tries to convince Nora to come to one of her band’s performances but it’s really late at night and so Nora says she can’t go because she and her husband don’t like to stay out too late. The two ladies argue about their different lifestyles and end up making a bet, where they agree to switch lives for a weekend to see who can last longer in each other’s worlds. 

That right there is a pretty good premise for a softcore film. Unfortunately, it’s not really explored to its full potential,. as nothing really happens to either woman. Candy moves into Nora’s house, and we briefly see her struggling with using a vacuum, but then she has sex with Nora’s husband Mark (played by a man credited as “Surge Black”). Nora moves in with Candy’s boyfriend Steve (Dante Brice), who is working on some new music. He sets her up to have lesbian sex with a groupie, played by Sofia Sandobar, and then he and Nora later have sex. At the end of the weekend, Candy and Nora meet and have sex. And that’s it. 

A huge missed opportunity storywise. But the sex scenes (which, in addition to the four I mentioned include a scene between Nicole and Dante and one between Joelean and Surge) are hot. I’ve been a fan of Nicole Oring since before she was an actress, I remember seeing her on a few “reality” dating shows back in the early 2000s when she was just a model. I always love seeing her in everything she appears in, and the sex scenes here are no exception. So this is one of those softcore films I’d say would be worth it to watch if you’re just going to skip ahead to each sex scene. Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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