Sheila & Shanna’s Sleepover

Here’s another old softcore film from Torchlight Pictures, and I’ll state right off the bat that it features many of my typical complaints of this studio’s output. Released in 2006, it’s credited as directed by Francis Locke. No writer is credited, and since there’s not much of a plot and not much dialog (only 2 of the 6 people who appear in this film have speaking roles) I wouldn’t be surprised if there was no script, that Locke just came up with a plot and had the actors improvise while filming.

The plot, such as it is, isn’t that bad. A rich lawyer thinks that while he’s away, his wife is cheating on him. She has her female friend spend the night with her for what she claims are just innocent “sleepovers”, but he suspects there’s something else going on, so he hires a private detective to secretly monitor them. That right there sounds like a decent plot for a serious softcore film, like something made by Mainline Releasing during their heyday. And then’s the little plot twist, which is that the detective is watching the ladies via a hidden camera he has set up in their bedroom, which he’s monitoring from a hidden room. But while he’s watching, the ladies are just sleeping, but every time he steps away from his post, to get coffee or something, that’s when the ladies get up to no good. But the P.I. keeps missing it, so he never gets any evidence of the wife’s cheating. That’s a silly detail that would fit in a Jim Wynorski softcore film. But this studio barely put any effort into making this film work

There are two men with speaking roles in this film, and neither is directly credited. There’s a man named Joe and a man named Bobby. The actor who played Bobby looks familiar but I can’t recall where I’ve seen him before, so I can’t look it up to find out his name. I’ll note that the name “Myles Ruger” appears in the opening credits, along with the actresses, but I don’t know which of those actors is supposed to be him, if either (there’s a third man in a non-speaking role later in the film, whom I don’t recognize either), and google doesn’t bring up any matches for that name. Joe is the detective, Bobby is his boss. Joe is sitting in a room, it’s supposed to be an old backroom in the client’s house, which they don’t use. Joe has headphones on and a little hand-held video monitor, which is where he’s supposedly watching the camera hidden in the bedroom. He also keeps looking out a window, as if he can see the ladies from where he’s sitting. He has a little walkie-talkie, which is what he uses to talk to Bobby, who is at his office. For some reason, these two are talking to each other throughout the night, with Bobby checking in to ask if he’s caught the women doing anything yet, with Joe re-iterating that he hasn’t, that the women are just sleeping and he thinks this is all a waste of time.

Monica Mayhem and Jenna Haze play Sheila and Shanna, but since neither of them has any speaking lines and there are no end credits, I don’t know who is supposed to be who. The film opens with Monica and Jenna sleeping in bed together. They’re both naked, and sleeping above the covers, on their sides facing away from each other. Joe decides to go get a cup of coffee so he puts the video monitor down and leaves the room. As soon as he’s gone, the ladies wake up and go take a shower together. Then they get back on the bed and go back to sleep, just before Joe returns and to him it looks like they haven’t moved.

This happens again, when Joe gets bored watching the women sleep on the monitor, he decides to change channels on it and watch a documentary. As he does that, Jenna wakes up, gets out of bed, and walks to another room where she has sex with a man, in a large chair, in front of a fireplace.

Don’t ask who the man is or where he came from, because the film doesn’t explain any of that. It just happens.

After they finish, Jenna gets back on the bed next to Monica and goes back to sleep. And that’s just when Joe finishes watching that documentary, turns the channel back to the bedroom, and sees the ladies still sleeping.

At this point it’s almost 5am, Joe contacts Bobby again and says it’s obvious nothing is going on with the ladies, they’ve just been sleeping all night, so it’s time to wrap it up. Bobby agrees, and Joe takes the video monitor and leaves. As soon as he leaves, the ladies wake up and have sex. THE END

There’s also a scene where Jenna is in a room by herself. The way it’s presented, it happens right after another scene where Joe leaves his post to get coffee, it’s like it’s supposed to be happening that night. Except Jenna enters the room in a dress and with her makeup and hair done, and she strips naked and masturbates. But that scene doesn’t fit with the “story.”

There’s also a sex scene between Bobby and August Knight, who plays his assistant Betty.

As I said, the story could have worked, with a little more effort put into it. The only thing that makes this film worthwhile is the sex scenes, which are hot enough to watch, with the shower scene being the highlight. Torchlight tends to have fewer sex scenes than the average softcore film, but they’re also longer than average. The scenes here, including the solo scene, are at least 12 minutes, with the scene between Jenna Haze and the unnamed man being 22 minutes. Still, it’s not enough to make this film particularly memorable (unless you’re a really big fan of Jenna Haze, I guess).

Chacebook rating: TWO STARS


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