Full title: Skinny Dipping With My Stepsons: What Happens When Two Brothers Find Their Hot Stepmother Alone and Naked? (Stepmothers and Stepsons Book 1)

This is a short story, 25 “pages” long (although I guess that depends on what kind of device you’re using to read it). It’s narrated in the first person by a woman who, as the title suggests, tells her about a surprise encounter with twin stepsons that begins with skinny-dipping and leads to explicit threeway sex.

Right off the bat I will start with some glaring flaws, or at least what I consider to be flaws, that this story has. It being a short story, I expected in advance that there wouldn’t be too much time wasted on backgrounds or other non-essential details, unlike in full-length novels, most stories like this tend to get right to the good part (the sex), which is the reason we read them. However, we never even learn our narrators name. She never says it, and the boys both simply call her “mom.” We learn that her husband (who is also unnamed) died 18 months prior after a car crash, and that she works as a real estate agent (a career that she went back to after her husband died). Tony and Andy were husband’s sons, they’re twins and we 13 when she married their father and became their stepmother. We don’t know much time has passed since then, nor how old anyone in this story is. All we are told is that the boys are both in college, but we’re not told what year they’re in, but no mention is made of college being over (just that they’re home for summer vacation) so we can just assume that they’re over 18, but younger than 21 (although she does give them alcohol during the story, but underage drinking is hardly the most scandalous plot point of this story), and still live with her outside of college. To me, I find this a flaw, because one of the turn ons of stories like this is the older woman/younger man theme, so it would help to know what the exact age-difference is. Is the stepmother in her 30’s, 40’s, actually old enough to be their biological mother? We don’t know.

We also don’t know what anyone looks like. Is the mother tall, short, thin, full-figured, etc? What’s her hair color, and is it long short? What’s her eye color? Same with the twins. Are they identical twins and, if so, what do they look like. All we’re told is that they both have large penis’, a trait which the woman notes they inherited from their late father. I personally like to have those details as it helps me envision the scene as I’m reading it. Although I supposed that some readers may consider these lack of details a plus, as they can use their own imaginations to envision the characters to look however they want. So I do see the plus-side to that choice.  Now on to the story itself.

As I said, it doesn’t waste too much time getting down and dirty. It begins with the stepmother skinny dipping by herself in the pool, just relaxing after a hard week of work. She’s not expecting her stepsons to be home until the next day. So she’s shocked when they’re both suddenly standing by the edge of the pool looking at her. Explaining that they got out of school a day earlier than they expected, they decided to surprise her. But then, instead of going inside so she could get out of the pool and get dressed, the twins strip off their clothes and jump into the pool with her. Very quickly they surround her and seduce her. Kissing her, caressing her breasts and playing with her pussy. Despite her initial protests and conflicted thoughts, the stepmother gives in pretty quickly, soon grabbing each twin by the penis and leading them out of the pool and to a couch on their indoor porch. She sucks Tony’s cock while Andy eats her out, until she and Tony orgasm at the same time. Then Andy bends her over and fucks her doggystyle, first in the pussy, while Tony kneels in front of her and she blows him. Then Andy pulls and fucks her in the ass, until all three have simultaneous orgasms. After that the three get into the shower together, so the twins can wash her body and then she takes turns washing them. She makes a point of cleaning their assholes too, as she has plans for that.

This time they go into her bedroom and get on her bed, she bends over so Tony can fuck her in the ass, and then she has Andy bend over in front of her so she can fist give him a rimjob and then she also sticks her finger in his ass. She and Tony orgasm at the same time and then she finishes off Andy, blowing him, while continuing to fuck him in the ass with her finger until he cums in her mouth. The story ends with all three laying on the bed naked, one twin on each side of the stepmother each resting their head on her shoulders, as the stepmother imagines how much fun spending the rest of the summer with her stepson is going to be.

Now, in terms of the sex, and how that’s written, I have no complaints there. Author Veronica Dale does a great job of describing the action and all of the feelings that rush through the stepmother’s body and mind as it progresses. So on that level, it succeeds, as I believe that fans of stories of sex between a woman and two men, especially any woman who’s every fantasized about being serviced by two men at once, are going to be very well-satisfied. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS



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